Brice, Edgar

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Edgar is currently the Deputy Minister of Justice in Cru'ela on Miri IV.


Edgar Brice is a 47 year old teacher. He stands about 6'1" and weights about 160 lbs. He has short sandy hair shot through with gray. His blue eyes are steady. He can be very forceful and tends to speak his mind.


One of the first off worlders to settle on Miri, Edgar was a driveing force in the creation and selection of the starting location for the human colony of Europa. Since that time he first served as the Chief Administrator for the colony. Then once the colony had grown and was showing signs of successful development he accepted the position of councilor to the Miri Planetary Council.

As a member of the council he organized and was the driveing force behind the opposition, colony faction. In fact it was Edgar who filed the initial complaint with the Federation regarding what they felt was unfair political policies in regards to the colonists.

As a result they were able to generate enough interest that the Federation did send in a team of investigators to check out their complaint. This resulted in the accidental deaths of a number of the investigators.

The Federation responded by sending Captain Taboo of the USS Eagle to investigate. A small away team selected by the Captain beamed down to investigate. See the File:Eagle - 0000-0096 - a Visit to Miri IV for more information.

Edgar was also the first councilor to meet the away team from the USS Eagle upon their arrival. He functioned as the head of the opposition or colonists until the government was reformed in 238604.01. He was one of the councilors that voted for the creation of a new form of government at a special session observed by the Federations representative Captain Taboo from the USS Eagle.

At that time he became the first Deputy Minister of Justice.