Black Talons

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Origin of the Name

On the planet Turthis III a synthetic composite material was created that is incredibly strong and when fashioned into a knife they are razor sharp. This material is darkest black in color with a dull, flat look and able to maintain their sharpness with very little maintenance. It is made from a single solid piece of metal and most members of the organization own at least one of them. Most importantly the material does not register as any form of metallic substance making them very hard to detect on planets with lower technology.


The Black Daggers were originally a branch of the Orion Syndicate that was created in 2289 approximately. According to Federation intelligence records a Turah Bah was employed by the syndicate as an assassin and enforcer. He was very successful and this added to his ruthlessness and cunning allowed him to advance through the ranks rather quickly. Somehow he ended up in a position to be part of a major expansion by the syndicate. One that was moving into a section of space occupied by the Federation but sandwiched between elements of the Romulan and Klingon empires.

In 2287 the Orion Syndicate selected Abin Mur to spear head this major expansion. In a very short time they had representatives on more than a dozen worlds and were quickly taking control of or establishing new networks for the transport of illegal goods and the sale of them as well.

In 2311 there was a major shift in power that resulted when Turah Bah assassinated Abin Mur and took control. It was at this time that they established themselves as an independent organization and took the name Black Daggers in honor of their leader and his favorite weapon, the one he used to take control. At this time they were operating primarily in the Trinity Sector and the Acamar Sector.

In 2342 one of his Lieutenants, an Orion by the name of Vur Han'drin assassinated him and took control of the organization. The first thing he did was to re-establish all ties with the Orion Syndicate. However he did so while still maintaining the independence that the Black Daggers had achieved. By the time that he had consolidated his power and doubled the size and area that the Black Daggers controlled he had earned the name of Lord Han'drin.

Under his command he established a new secret headquarters that only the top leaders in the organization knew the location of. Federation Intelligence believes that it is located somewhere within the vast asteroid fields of the Gamma Taboa system.

In 2387 when the Hobus star went supernova and destroyed both Romulus and Remus, the heart and capitol of the Romulan Star Empire they were in an excellent position to take full advantage of the resulting confusion and turmoil. The multi-factional civil war that spread across most of the empire made this a risky period but by the time that peace of a sorts was eventually achieved they had infiltrated many worlds.

Current Status

At this time they operate in the Beta Quadrant with the center of their operations being the Trinity Sector. Their network extends into the Klingon Empire and the remains of the Romulan Star Empire. In fact Federation Intelligence believes that they now have the strongest criminal presence within both the resulting Romulan Republic, the remains of the Romulan Star Empire and many of the smaller factions that survived.

Based on all current available data they are now considered to be the 2nd largest and strongest criminal organization operating within the Federation, in the Beta Quadrant. Only the Orion Syndicate which operates within both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants within and beyond the borders of the Federation is larger with more connections, power and control.

While considered to be completely independent most experts believe that this organization is basically a sub-division of the Orion Syndicate, operating with their full knowledge, co-operation and recognition.

Known Members

  • Han'drin, Vur also called Lord Han'drin is the suspected leader of the Black Daggers, a sub-group of the Orion Syndicate.
  • Ruchard is a criminal mastermind and he is believed to be one of the most important leaders of the group.
  • Crossbones Han'drin is a major gang leader in the city of Mith on the planet of Cart'hen III. He is also one of Lord Han'drin's son's. All Black Dagger operations on the planet are under his control.
  • Kav-Nhoo has been active member for years. He seems to work mostly for Ruchard in one capacity or another.
  • Captain Birt of the OS Dov'is, which is one of his freighters usually used to conduct legitimate business.
  • Poron, the first mate of the OS Dov'is.
  • Captain Imbros of the OS Fin'al, a cloaking capable Orion raider
  • Captain Calis of the OS Kri'jak, a cloaking capable Orion raider.