Baylen and Theo

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Baylen Anders & Theo Whittaker

  • STATUS: Dating

  • FIRST MET: 239211.08
  • FIRST DATE: 239212.31

The Meeting

Baylen Anders and Theo Whittaker meet on the Bridge of the USS Albion there was a white glowing light behind Theo, Baylen thought it was an sign, but then he realized that he was standing in front of a light beam. Baylen being a Risian feel in love with Theo almost at first sight, He could feel a very strong attraction to the Engineer.

Out and about encounter

Baxter, a Fawn Pug

Baylen walking Baxter on the Promenade, When Theo called out to him, Looking over he walked into the Pastry shop and the Owner ask Theo if Baylen was his Boyfriend. After they left they walked along the Promenade for a moment on the way back to Baylen's Apartment to drop off Baxter before heading out to have a day adventure. Baylen joined Theo in Holodeck four. We was very happy to see his new friend promoted to Lt. Commander and even made his new Boss as the Stations First Officer. Later after the awards and promotions Baylen tried to ambush Theo and Tatash with snow balls being loaded into a rapped fire gun. He came up behind Theo with a bucket of snow to dump on Theo, but lost his footing and dumped it on both of them, They laid on the ground laughing like kids. After being shot, Baylen was out cold and rushed to sickbay. He woke to find Theo holding his hand. It was very comporting to wake up that way. Later after being discharged Baylen went to his office to relax. Theo barged in anger about Baylen being back at work, getting a little embarrassed when he noticed that Baylen was in fact resting he tried to leave but was stopped.

The First Date

Baylen and Theo, the night of the Tribble Dinner on Starbase 118

The two of them went out on there very first date holding hands and walking the streets. It was the very first time Baylen had ever held another person hand and walked anywhere. They went to Cabo Breeze for the first date, and Baylen even got Theo flowers. The two danced under the stars and fireworks and then shared there first kiss. It was almost magic feeling.

Baylen and Theo, the night of the Tribble Convention Dinner, where Baylens Mom Alia rushed Sal Taybrim and Kissed and Hugged him thinking it was Theo..

Baylen had a reaction to a Tribble that made him act like drunken child, Theo got Baylen medical help, but Baylen called him Commander Yum Yum in front of the Dr. Mirra Ezo. A few hours Baylen was feeling better. He meet Theo and to give him the stand down orders from Captain Taybrim. The next night they had there second date at the Convention. Walking around making peace and good well, before heading off to more fun and greener pastures.

Baylen and Theo at the beach

Second Date

The night after the Tribble disaster the two had there second date, at the Convention, walking in holding hands. They rushed out and Baylen kissed Theo twice next to a fish pond before heading off to the beach for a relaxing day off duty.

Later that week Theo thew his open house party, Baylen made a shadow box old Columbia Mission Patches in it. The frame was made from hull parts on the Columbia.

Later that night, Theo asked Baylen to stay over for the first time. They two got to cuddle and home each other in bed. Baylen remarked that it was going to be hard to get up in the morning, getting to hold or be held by Theo.


Baylen adopted Mason when on a mission to Tilanni. He came to Baylen for medical treatment, he was very dirty and under feed. Baylen tried to take him home, but found his dead parents. Two Civil Engineers from Earth that was working for the Tilanni Government. After trying to find any living relations, he was unable, and not willing to leave a six year old boy on the streets of a dangerous planet Baylen took Mase with him. He cleaned him up and feed him. Mase feel asleep in the habitat wing of the modular sickbay and slept soundly.

On returning to the USS Aegis Mirra checked him out and gave him a clear bill of health. Baylen called Theo and the two meet for the first time. Baylen could feel that there was a bond with the two. Baylen wants to raise Mase with Theo as there own if he is not able to find his family.

Baylen gave this to Theo at his open house in his new apartment in the New York District