Azeykal system

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Azeykal system
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Last Updated: 239101.05

The Azeykal System is home to one of the member races of the Erscyne Trade Alliance, who live on Azeyka III.

System Composition

The system is comprised of two stars, orbiting each other at the center of a very spread out planetary system. While, at some point in the distant past, the system contained quite a few more planets than the three that exist now, some catastrophe caused a potential third sun to be obliterated. As a result, a number of planets suffered annihilation due to the energy release of the star that was torn apart, while the ones that remained spread further apart. It would be many thousands of years beyond that moment that life would develop on the third world of the system.

The Glimmer Belt

The Glimmer Belt, roughly translated from Azeykan Standard, is what remains of the catastrophic event that caused the system to lose a number of its planets and for the remaining planets to spread out. It sits between the two inner planets and the third, and only inhabited planet of the system. It is known as The Glimmer Belt as it is comprised of rocks that were fused and shattered in the heat and energy of star that was being torn apart. The unique mixture and resulting compounds tend to sparkle, even in extremely low light situations, looking almost as if they were miniature stars themselves.

Tied to what little religious beliefs that the inhabitants of the system have, a scientific reason behind the shimmering exists, but few seek the knowledge out.

Exploratory Charting

Because of the secretive nature of the members of the Erscyne Trade Alliance, there are no other races in the system at any time. (See Azeyka for more information).