Assault Robot Mark II

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The assault robot Mark II was a model of quadrupedal battle robot. They were used extensively throughout Valcarian Imperial Republic and surrounding areas of the galaxy, though they were used most often by the individual planets or companies, rather than the military. Some of them were provided with a bubble-like energy shield which rendered them especially effective against ranged weapons. They walked on their legs as any quadruped would, similar to a four-legged spider. They were also used by the Kinba City Civil Authority. One stood by the entrance to Kinba City on Adru from the docking bays. An offworlder would have to pay the docking fee to the Adruan officer, before being allowed to pass into the city. If one tried to get pass without paying, the assault robot would use brutal force to protect the strict laws of its Adruan masters.

Despite their name, assault robots were primarily used to guard their military bases, like those on Mymiri and Adru.