Asavii's Plight (Vigilant)

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adult Asavii male
The Vigilant, under the command of Lt. Commander Greir Reinard, moved into orbit around a previously-undiscovered Class ‘O’ planet. They'd gotten some readings of a warp vessel, which turned out to be the remains of a pre-warp ship in orbit around the planet's moon. After careful reconnaissance and observation, they found that the planet was known to its natives as Asav. The people, who called themselves the Asavii, lived underwater, in five active bio domes (two more were uninhabitable.) They decided to contact the leader of Dome Five, Chairman Oskendu, who invited the senior officers down to meet with them and see the warp capable city ship ‘Absolution of Vangr’ (after one of the race's sea deities, whose clergy were very powerful in Dome Five), under construction nearby.

After some smaller mishaps, Dome Five itself soon came under structural attack from a school of giant eel-like creatures. The Vigilant crew offered its assistance in the evacuation of Dome Five into the neighbouring city ship, but had a difficult time convincing some of the leaders of the dome that escape was their only means of survival. Chief Engineer Kael Thomas helped make the 'Absolution of Vangr' operational and a Vigilant security team defused a bomb which would have worsened the crack in the dome. The majority of the dome’s population made it onto the massive city ship, and the ‘Absolution’ finally reached orbit and started out on its long trek to a new, less watery home and future for the Asavii. While they were not ready for Federation membership, the Asavii of Dome Five were grateful for the Vigilant’s assistance.