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Adml. Luke Reider is currently the chief administrative officer for StarBase 118 Operations. He acts as the highest officer aboard the station at all times, and directs the non-operations staff. He spends most of his time on the StarBase.


  • Full Name: Luke Cassius Reider
  • Current Rank: Admiral
  • Date of Birth: 231308.01 (see History)
  • Place of Birth: Olamon, Maine
  • Gender: Male
  • Species of Origin: Terran
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 6'
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Mother: Angela Lincoln Reider. Deceased.
  • Father: Grayson Oswald Reider. Deceased.
  • Siblings: Patton Reider (63), brother. Retired, lives in Olamon, ME.
  • Spouse: Dinora Smith Reider
  • Children: None


  • 231308.01 - 233108.28: Birth to age 19.
    • Luke was born to two human parents in Maine, and lived there for all of his young life. The boy was an average student in school, but excelled in extracurricular activities such as drama and choir. As a teen, Luke starred in numerous local dramatic productions, and received a full scholarship to the Julliard School of the Arts. Although he had planned to attend Julliard, his father persuaded him that a background in StarFleet would be beneficial to his future plans.
  • 233108.29 - 233705.30: Age 19 to age 24.
    • Luke entered the academy in the fall semester of 2331. As with lower education, he was an average student, but managed to stay within the top 25% of his class. He was placed in the medical field, which Luke soon found to be both interesting and fulfilling. After the mandatory six years in the academy, Luke graduated and was placed aboard the USS Fearless, an Excelsior class ship with experimental upgrades.
  • 233705.31 - 234302.15: Age 24 to age 30.
    • In his first week aboard the Fearless, Luke met Dinora Smith, a bright and attractive young woman, also from Earth. After a three year courtship, the two were wed aboard the Fearless in 2340 on September 19th. The two served aboard the Fearless for six years together before Luke was notified of a transfer to the USS Livingston, another Excelsior class ship. Dinora requested a transfer with Luke, citing their marriage as the cause. StarFleet agreed and the two began active service aboard the Livingston on March 1 of 2343.
  • 234303.01 - 235211.22: Age 30 to age 39.
    • Luke began duty aboard the Livingston as chief medical officer, with the rank of Commander. Dinora and Luke continued service aboard the Livingston for another nine years. Luke turned down a promotion to captain once, when the Livingston's captain Keith Ranford retired.
  • 235211.23 - 235307.14: Age 39.
    • Both Luke and Dinora requested a transfer to the USS Crockett (Luke's third Excelsior class ship to serve aboard) in 2352, after hearing of the Crockett's next mission: deep space mapping and science in the Alpha quadrant. The two were granted the transfer. This time, however, Luke was transferred into the First Officer position. With the Crockett due to leave dock within eight months, Luke was sent to the Academy to undergo extensive command training. Dinora served the eight months while Luke was at the academy, aboard the Crockett, assisting in the upgrade of the Crockett's science areas. At the end of his command training, Luke moved onto the Crockett for a one month interim training period on the ship, with her captain Kendall Lansing. With the ship's overhaul complete and all officers prepared for the three year mission, the Crockett left space dock one week ahead of schedule.
  • 235307.15 - 235602.03: Age 39 to age 43.
    • Over nine months from plotted Federation space, the USS Crockett encountered a hostile enemy race, referring to themselves as the Erntemaschinen (referred to as: ERT). After a skirmish with the enemy race, and the death of the Captain, Reider assumes command and attempts to escape with the ship and the remaining crew. The enemy ship is destroyed, creating a sub-space tear, which flings the Crockett to the edge of the galaxy. With aide from a benevolent alien race, the Crockett is able to return to the location of the destroyed enemy ship and head home. Upon return to Earth they find that no aging has occurred since their encounter with the benevolent alien race. (For full details, see LCARS file -- Reider, 222a925.12.)
  • 235602.04 - 236609.12: Age 43 to age 53.
    • The crew begins extensive testing as StarFleet attempts to discern how the slowed or stopped aging is occurring. Meanwhile, Reider is promoted to full Captain and given the Medal of Honor. After three months of testing on the effects of the anti-aging, Reider is given command of the USS Lilith, a new Ambassador class ship. The ship is launched on June 12th of 2352 and is assigned to deep space patrol in the Beta quadrant. Reider spent ten years as captain of the Lilith.
  • 236609.13 - 237801.01: Age 53 to age 65.
    • On September 13th, 2366, Reider is promoted to Fleet Captain and assigned to StarBase 36. Over the next 12 years, he is promoted from Fleet Captain to Vice Admiral with ease, serving a number of duty stations including a stint at the Utopia Planatia Ship Yards. On January 6th, Reider received a promotion to full Admiral and is notified that he was to be transferred to StarBase 118. Dinora, however, was needed on Earth to continue research she has been conducting for over a year.
  • 237801.02 - 237807.01: Age 65.
    • Admiral Reider transferred his belongs and records to StarBase 118 and was assigned quarters, in February. On Earth, Dinora finished her research in March and joins Luke at 118 by the beginning of April.


  • Special skills: combat medicine training, ministry training, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat training, rifle and hand-phaser sharp-shooting training.

Personnel File


=/\= LCARS file -- Reider, 222a925.12 =/\=

Over nine months from plotted Federation space, the USS Crockett encountered a hostile enemy race, referring to themselves as the Erntemaschinen (referred to as: ERT). The ERT began an immediate assault on the Crockett, citing invasion in sacred space. The Crockett was disabled and the crew taken hostage aboard the ERT mothership. Once aboard, captain Kendall Lansing was murdered, and the rest of the crew imprisoned. After two weeks aboard the ERT mothership, Reider assaulted an ERT guard, which resulted in the escape of the command staff of the Crockett. Reider led the command staff through the mothership, in a three-hour long attempt to find their ship. They found the Crockett being held in an interior bay of the ship. With six ERT's held hostage, Reider was able to reboard the Crockett and bring her systems online. Threatening to initiate the self-destruct sequence, Luke demanded his crew be returned to the ship and that they be released. In the next two hours, half of the original Crockett crew were returned to the ship, with the ERT murdering the other half. ("For every officer that returns to your ship, one will be slaughtered...")

The Crockett was released from the ERT mothership. While attempting to jump to warp back towards Earth, the ERT mothership engaged a tractor beam, which created a sub-space tear. The ERT mothership was torn in half, and an explosion occured. The Crockett, however was rocketed away from the blast. Unbeknownst to the Crockett crew, the ERT race had a transwarp drive aboard their mothership, which when destroyed, created a fold in the fabric of space much like a wormhole. The Crockett was delivered to just a few hundred kilometers from the edge of the galaxy.

After assessing damages to the ship, the crew began repairs on the Crockett. In hopes of finding a way to recreate the transwarp wormhole, the science staff, including Dinora, studied the events leading up to the phenomenon. They were unable to find sufficient data, and the matter was retired. The crew soon found their own warp core unrepairable, and thus had no way to return home. After much deliberation, Reider, now acting captain of the ship, decided it best to seek out the nearest class M planet in hopes of establishing a colony there. Scans showed the nearest livable planet to be more than a hundred years away at full impulse.

With no other chances of survival, Reider ordered the ship to begin the journey to the planet. Within a week, however, they were contacted by another alien race, who wished only to help the Crockett return home. Reider agreed to allow the race access to the Crockett, fearing they had no other alternatives. The aliens, which appeared to the Crockett crew as in humanoid form, immediately began work on the ship. Within two days, the race had somehow repaired the warp drive, and other damaged system. They requested no favors in return for their services, and disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

Upon initiation of the warp drive, the ship was catapulted back to the location at which they met the ERT race, with the Crockett crew having no recollection of how they got there. The ship's memory banks recorded only a .5 second interval of no-data. The crew again engaged the warp drive, but this time found the ship behaving normally. At warp 8, the ship returned to Earth a year and a half later, where it was immediately taken into a StarFleet protected area for testing on the warp drive.

After a formal debriefing, the crew was declared healthy, but un-aged from the time they had left the location of meeting the ERT race.

=/\= LCARS file -- Reider, 222a925.12 =/\=

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