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Annabeth McNish, known as Annie, is a 9-year old Arbazan/Human girl who was a passenger aboard the Charles Lindbergh when it was hijacked in 2393 by a group of colonial extremists led by Gabriela Cariño.


  • Father: Matthew McNish (Human)
  • Mother: Pazima (Arbazan)
    • An Arbazan Art Researcher, Department of Intersteller Species, Menthar Corridor, Ancient 1000 to 5000 years old Art Sub Department, Department of Stationary Art


Annie is a precocious little girl, who takes more after her father than her mother cares for. Having recently moved to the Menthar Corridor, Annie is anxious to explore any place she can quietly escape the watchful eye of her mother rather than try to be a 'proper' Arbazan young lady. With her enthusiasm to explore, Annie on more than one occasion has found new stories for her dad, that he might have otherwise missed. Even though she's full of spunk, Annie is very quiet, an Arbazan trait her mother is quite proud of (but also allows Annie to escape unseen and explore her surroundings).

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Annie is played by Nicole, the writer for Ceilidh Riverview.