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Amalthea is currently serving as an R&D Liaison Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B and Starbase 104.

USS Constitution-B
STO Lieutenant Blue.jpg
STO Blank Blue.jpg
Position R&D Liason
Rank Lieutenant
Species Taurean
Gender Female
DOB 236802.09
Age 33
Writer ID Taelon


  • Height: 8'1
  • Hair: Her hair is stark white and long, usually worn swept back over her shoulders.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Markings: Extreme height, pale skin and hair
  • Parents:
    • Lorelei - Mother, half-clone. Colonial affairs officer on Gravesworld.
    • Medea - Aunt, also contributed DNA. Artist and translator on Gravesworld.
  • Marital Status: Single

Amalthea (or Thea, as she prefers) is a first-generation descendant of the Tauren Sirens, a colony of women mutated by the planet Taurea to live extremely long lives via energy vampirism. In the years since their rescue by the USS Enterprise, Amalthea's mother and the others were treated by doctors and relocated to a more suitable planet, Gravesworld, where they established a colonial city called Circe.

Still very long lived and famously tall, her mother joined the effort to revive their species by having Amalthea via a method of cloning and genetic randomization; she is in many ways the 'perfect' Taurean, born with what she was told was physical perfection and no abnormalities whatsoever. She was raised among others like herself, and chose to enter Starfleet as a teenager.

Since joining Starfleet her career has progressed normally. Her size and beauty tend to effect her interactions with others, as she is teasing, confident and slightly spiteful. She was reprimanded in 2390 due to 'inappropriate use of rank and resources' when she undercut the career of an officer she'd previously had a relationship with. She managed to talk her way out of a rank demotion but was informally moved from a ranking officer to a scientific and R&D liaison, she is considered a fine administrator and takes her duties quite seriously.

Nonetheless, privately she finds her current work rather tiresome and often considers herself more intelligent than the scientists she works with.