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Ensign Alcyone Brennan

Ensign Alcyone Brennan is a recently graduating Ensign aboard Starbase 118 Ops. She graduated with a minor in psychology and a major in nursing, and is currently serving Counsellor.


Childhood and Adolescense

Alcyone grew up as one of several foster children raised by a wealthy family based in Colludia - very posh planet within the Trinity Sector. Originating from Earth, her family followed and taught human customs and encouraged participation in well-preserved traditions. She enjoyed a very protected childhood, which however wasn’t without its challenges. Due to her Human/Rodulan genetics, her ageing (and connected to that, her early childhood development) was unpredictable and often saw her fall behind other children her age, only to then have her catch up in a matter of weeks. Sometimes, that could make friendships difficult, which explains why she considers her siblings her best friends.

Alcyone was never terribly curious about her biological parents, and her foster family made sure she never once had a thought of being unwanted. She did however take a keen interest in other species and cultures, and early on dreamed of exploring the galaxy.

Starfleet Academy

When Alcyone first mentioned her wish to join Starfleet, her foster parents reacted with worry and the attempt to dissuade her - they preferred to see Alcyone married with children, and most importantly somewhere closeby. After they sat down for a discussion, they decided on a compromise which had Alcyone study at the relatively close Academy Campus of Starbase 118, seek placement on a vessel within the sector, and visit frequently.

Alcyone decided on a major in nursing with a minor in psychology, finding the combination most fulfilling. She made friends easily, especially since the different species present in her courses took her the way she was, rather than comparing her to humans her own age. She took a particular liking to her roommate, an Andorian Shen several years older than her, and maintains a close friendship with her to this day.

During the last year of Academy, Alcyone’s telepathic abilities started to increase, and she was lucky to get supported through friends, family and teachers. Unfortunately, during the already stressful final exam, she picked up on critical thoughts from one of the instructors, which caused her to lose concentration and fail the exam. While she was initially doubtful and disappointed, she decided to take the opportunity to grow her resilience to criticism and repeat the exam at the next opportunity.

Starbase 118 Ops

Despite initially believing that the failed first attempt would ruin her chances for a prestigious posting such as Starbase 118, she was given an assignment there upon her graduation. Surprisingly, this assignment didn't have her join sickbay's staff of nurses and nurse practitioners, but as Counsellor - a challenge she gladly accepted.

Friends and Living Family

Alcyone's biological parents are neither in the picture, nor does Alcyone have any more than a passing curiosity to meet them, and she considers her foster family all she needs. Her mother, Ricarda Brennan, is a traditional housewife with a background in being a nursery teacher, while her husband Christopher Brennan runs a large business and provides the family with the financial means to live life as they envision it. Alcyone has two older brothers, Atlas and Aldebaran, who are married with children. Atlas works as teacher for history and politics at a local school, while Aldebaran is a musician. Alcyone's little sister, Merope, is eight years old and wants to be a princess when she grows up. Her father is, of course, not opposed to making that happen.

Having formed in the first year of Starfleet Academy, Alcyone is close friends with Eshrevi Sh'shiqil, an Andorian currently serving as tactical officer aboard Starbase 118. She maintains a growing friendship with Solaris McLaren, Ops' Director of Intel, and works in her bar 'The Tru Tone' a few nights a month.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2397 - 2041 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 240105.06 Starbase118 Ops
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