Alan Keldor

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Alan Keldor


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Former Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS Galileo
  • Rank: Captain
  • Race: Allasomorph
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: 235005.05
  • Weight: N/A
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Chestnut


  • Nebula Bar
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Captain Alan Keldor is the former commanding officer of the USS Galileo. He is currently missing.


  • Full Name: Alan Keldor of Daled IV
  • Race: Allasomorph
  • Date of Birth: 235005.05
  • Place of Birth: Near Qo'noS
  • Age: 39
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: None


  • Height: 5'6" in Human Form
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hair Color: Chestnut in Human Form
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Hazel in Human Form


  • Marital Status: None


  • Daughter: Constance Marie Edwardson-Bassington-Bassington, aka Silverfang, Matriarch of the Lycan Colonies Currently aboard USS Galileo, preparing to apply for SFA. See Notes


  • Father: Keldor of Daled IV, Lord of the Second Order; Professor of Warp Field Theory, SFA San Francisco; Currently teaching Warp Field Theory at SFA San Francisco.
  • Mother: Pelia of Daled IV, Lady of the Second Order; Former Brigadier-General within the SFMC; Currently teaching Covert Combat Tactics at SFA San Francisco.


  • Sister: Alanna Keldor, Royal Lady of the First Order, Governess of the Third Colony; Former Chief Science Officer, Starfleet; Currently aboard USS Galileo on a State Visit.

Personal History

Alan was born in the Kirk-Transporter-Accident parallel Universe. In this timeline, Cardassians and Klingons hunted his people for sport - the challenges to hunting a shapeshifter appealing to the Klingon sensibilities in particular.

Alan's parents died in such hunts. He escaped his captors and fled to join one of the Terran resistance groups he had heard so much about. There, he worked as a weapons designer, combining his natural scientific talent with a burning desire for revenge.

He developed mainly planet-killing offensive systems, some of which were used to devastating effect. Unable to continue working on such devices, through guilt, he moved to designing defensive systems.

It was one of these defensive systems, the Trans-Dimensional Vortex Generator Shield System, which dragged a young woman named Constance Marie Edwardson Bassington-Bassington from her home in 18th Century England. The system's purpose is to create a vortex leading to an interdimensional limbo, around the emitting ship. This vortex not only shields the ship from sensors and transporters, but also any weaponry which would be required to cross the space occupied by the shield would instantly be transported outside of reality.

Connie told Alan that she was being pursued by a mob in her own time, her parents dead, and she would rather not go back. Alan agreed to take her on as ward, and 'prenticed her as a systems designer.

After a year, Connie fell foul of a Cardassian patrol. The Cardassians wishing to find Alan, believing his mind a resource worth capturing, tortured her. When, even after the Obsidian Order had 'interviewed' her, she had still divulged nothing, they publically executed her.

Alan was never the same person after he saw her killed, for him. It took it's toll on his concentration. This was why, while working on the TDVESS, during a simoultaneous test of a similar device in this Universe by Alanna, he inadvertantly caused the two versions of Keldor to switch places.

Alan assumed the identity of Alanna, and initially had no intention of retrieving her. Then he found the Connie of this Universe, who almost instantly realised that Alan was not Alanna. He promised Connie, then, that he would find a way to bring Alanna back to her.

Alan pretended to be Alanna long enough to discover a way to bring his counterpart back from that Universe, but by the time he managed to find her, the Cardassians had found her and begun their... Questioning. Alanna survived it, and was eventually rescued by Alan and brought back to her home Universe, but she handed in her Starfleet Commission shortly afterwards, unable to cope with the stress after her ordeal.

Alan did not wish to return to his home Universe, and instead stayed on, at the request of Salia, as the Daledian Ambassador to the Federation. Alanna, after a long time recuperating, was found to have some sort of wasting disease caused by her repeated dimensional-shift experiments. In an attempt to cure her, both she and Alan underwent a risky procedure of artifically initiated telepathic contact. The process may have worked - signs are promising - but it left Alan with all of Alanna's memories, something he has had some difficulty in coming to terms with.

Alanna, shortly after the treatment, continued her work on the phase-shift shielding device, which in this reality had been dubbed the Keldor-Manheim TDVE, and in conjunction with Starfleet Intelligence had the system installed on a specially modofied Saber Class vessel to begin practical tests.

The Saber Class had all it's weapons removed barring one Type-VIII phaser bank. This was necessary to make way for the additional two MARAs required to power the device. Tests of this system have proved promising, but until the Federation either allows Daledian membership, the Allasomorphs having a far superior knowledge of field emitters and power generation systems, or develops a markedly superior MARA to it's current version, the systems will have to remain outside of mainstream use.

After several incidents which proved to him that civilian life was no less hazardous to his health than actively serving within Starfleet, he requested, and was granted, a reactivation of his (and Alanna's) commission.

Professional History

Alanna Keldor served as Science Officer, then Chief Science Officer, aboard the USS Caledonia. She also served as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Indria-A before the 'incident' during which Alan traded places with her. Officially, his career begins at that point, but since he possesses many of her memories, he has as much experience as she did in the field (See notes).

Alan replaced Alanna on the Indria as Chief Science Officer in time to receive the promotion *she* had earned to Full Lieutenant, and to be awarded the Nebula Bar for his papers on the history and anthropology of the Daledian Allasomorphs, and his research into the Lycan race. He served for a while before taking a Leave of Absence to search for Alanna.

After his return, but prior to his appointment as Ambassador, he served in the fledgeling Daledian Interstellar Navy. There, he attained the rank of Mrknta'thelnik, a close equivalent to the SF rank of Commander.

After his stint as Ambassador to the Federation, Alan's commission was reactivated and he received promotion to the rank of SF Commander (upon completion of the written examination), based upon his practical experience within the DISN. He was assigned as Executive Officer of Deep Space 72 until the unfortunate accident that forced the Base's evacuation. After that, he was reassigned to the USS Galileo as XO, then assumed command of that vessel upon the death of her Captain. Current whereabouts of the Galileo and her crew are unknown.


Though Alan's 'true' parents died, he has been acknowledged in full by the Keldor and Pelia of this Universe and as such owns them as his parents. He calls Alanna his 'twin', since they are effectively 'twins in reality' - that, and it makes life much easier than introducing her as "The me from your dimension". An interesting legal precedent was set by the Federation Courts with regards to Constance, who having been officially adopted by Alanna, was determined to likewise be the officially adopted daughter of Alan, since Alanna and Alan were, in essence, different facets of the same being. During the 'Forced' Mind-Meld between Alan and Alanna, most of Alanna's memories copied themselves into Alan's mind, giving him a split personality disorder for a time; though he has fully recovered, he still retains all of her memories and often gets the nagging feeling that he is half as old as he should be. Alan's full title is: Alan Keldor of Daled IV, Royal Duke of the First Order, Protector and Ambassador of Her Imperial Highness, Defender of the Daledian Empire and Overlord of the Fourth Colony.