Ensigns Orientation

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Ensigns Orientation

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Congratulations, Class of 2394!

The Starfleet Academy Alumni Association has created this guide to help you as you enter the fleet as a new ensign.


Getting started as a wiki user
Now that you have a wiki account, read through these resources to ensure that you have a strong foundation for participation.

Character page

Perhaps one of the most fun things about graduating from the Academy is setting up your character profile. This detailed tutorial will explain how you can lay the groundwork for an amazing, detailed area that shows everyone who your character is.

Useful pages

Get to know our story

Member Resources

Reference materials

Duty Posts

Learning to play your duty post as an expert is not only a gratifying experience, but one that will also help you advance in rank faster and ensure that others around you will appreciate what you're contributing and want to sim with you. So spend some time getting to know more about your duty post, and how to hone you skills in this area to expert level.

Command Division

Operations Division

Sciences Division

Marine Corps

Diplomatic Corps


Simming Guides

Academy Alumni Association