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Nurses provide vital patient care within a medical department aboard a starship or starbase. Nurses spend considerable amount of time with their patients and their approach to patient care is based on the strong historical foundation of nurses serving as patient advocates. Working collaboratively with medical officers and other members of the healthcare team, nurses work every day to help their patients maintain their health or recover from ailment.

Upon completion of their Bachelor of Science in Nursing, nursing graduates enter the fleet as commissioned officers and may continue to further their education with specialization in such fields as critical care, mental health, and rehabilitation.

Nursing Major

To major in Nursing, a cadet must have the following 25 credits:

  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 1
  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 2
  • Diplomacy: Non-Traditional Situations
  • Engineering: Medical Systems and Equipment
  • Engineering: Life Support Systems
  • Psychology: Terran, General
  • Psychology: Non-Terran, Major Species
  • Psychology: Terran Development
  • Psychology: Non-Terran, Major Species Development
  • Xenobiology: General Physiology
  • Xenobiology: Physiology, Major Species
  • Xenobiology: Microbiology 1 (Bacteria)
  • Xenobiology: Microbiology 2 (Virii)
  • Xenobiology: Systems 1, Derm/Respir/Cardio/Hematol Systems
  • Xenobiology: Systems 2, GI/Musc/Renal/Endoc/Reprod
  • Nursing: Health Assessment & Promotion
  • Nursing: Adult & Elder Nursing 1
  • Nursing: Adult & Elder Nursing 2
  • Nursing: Pediatric Nursing
  • Nursing: Maternity Nursing
  • Nursing: Acute Care Psychiatric Nursing
  • Nursing: Pharmacotherapeutics
  • Nursing: Leadership & Management in Nursing
  • Nursing: Elective Clinical Placement 1
  • Nursing: Elective Clinical Placement 2

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