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Yenun Kar is Trill journalist who works for the Federation News Service (FNS).

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Personal Profile


  • Full Name: Yenun Cervian Kar
  • Race: Trill
  • Date of Birth: 236808.07
  • Place of Birth: Leran Manev, Trill
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Journalist.


  • Height: 1.88 metres (6'1" feet)
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Green


  • Spouse: OshRami sh'P'Trell.
    • Species: Andorian
    • Place of Birth: Lor'Tan, Andoria
    • Occupation: Doctor
  • Children: None
  • Parents:
    • Father: Grelor Kar
    • Mother: Gilia Lien Kar
  • Siblings: None

Historical File

Personal History

Yenun Kar was born on the capital city of Leran Manev on Trill. As he grew up, Yenun wished to explore the galaxy and learn more about it, for which reason he applied to the Trill Science Ministry, in the hopes that he would become a scientist. Unfortunately, the Ministry found he did not possess the academic level needed to be accepted, and in his depression he left to Andoria for a sabbatical standard year, and lived in the moon's largest city of Lor'Tan. During his stay on Andoria, he visited the Andorian Mountains, of which he wrote a journal that he eventually turned into a book describing the Mountains' beauty, among other important Andorian landmarks.

Also during his stay on Andoria, he met Rami, an Andorian medical student who was his neighbour in Lor'Tan. The pair eventually fell in love, and lived together for a while. At nearly the end of the year on Andor, Yenun was contacted by the Federation News Service, which had read his articles about the Andorian Mountains (among other topics) and were interested in accepting him as a journalist. Yenun didn't have any study record at the time, and so the FNS agreed to find a university on Earth that would accept him as an undergraduate, all the while Yneun submitted material once every month to them. Yenun agreed, and when he left Andoria to study on Earth, he initially left Rami behind, but not soon after she followed to study in the university's medical school.

After four years on Earth, the couple returned to Andoria and stayed there for a few months. They planned for their wedding, but since Rami's parents disagreed with her decision to marry an to someone belonging to another species, their wedding took place on Trill. After this they began their lives together.

Professional History

Yenun studied four years of journalism on Earth's University of London with a joint course on Xenology to better understand the importance of multiculturalism in modern media.

Chronological History

  • 236808.07 Leran Manev, Trill - Born
  • 238806.23 Lor'Tan, Andoria - Begins sabatical
  • 238905.27 London, Earth - Begins studying at the University of London.
  • 239306.01 London, Earth - Graduates from the University of London.
  • 239311.15 Leran Manev, Trill - Married to Rami.

List of Published Works

  • Books:
    • Ice Beauty: An Andorian Guide to Travellers
  • Articles on the FNS: