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Yanovna Holdings, usually shortened to YanCo, is a multi-system holdings company owned by the Yanovna family. YanCo, is based, like the family, in the city of Saint Petersburg on Earth, Sol System. While exceedingly large in size, the company is still smaller than mega-corporation conglomerate Balivari Industries, and has business dealings with them on occasion.

The corporation is primarily interested in major mining companies on remote worlds. They own a transportation and shipping companies, including Martian based Red Carrier throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants, operating from their primary company offices on Mars. The sprawling facility and corporate HQ houses their considerable business management structure, operating like a small town almost, with expansive sky scrapers and company housing tower blocks.

Leading the charge of YanCo is company CEO Thierry Yanovna, who inherited the centuries old corporation through family lineage. Seated on the Board of Directors is his eldest son Anton and daughter Elisaveta. The family has come under fire in recent years for shrewd business practices pertaining to the acquisition of companies throughout the galactic stage, and speculation of underworld dealings on several colonies throughout. However, these rumors are unsubstantiated and firmly denied by the corporation and Yanovna family.

It is the holding company of the Red Carrier Corporation, Astral Mining, Terra Formations Industries, Apex Corporation, Apis Restaurant Association, Eastern Shield Defense Contractors, Jupitelligence, Voidtronics, Lunarsphere Interactive Holo Producers, and the Tharsis Rise Theatre, among many others.