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Name: Jason Thomas Whitney, M.D., Ph.D. Birthdate: 7702.16 (235402.16) Place of Birth: Nerondi Science Colony, Nerondi (Terran Colony) Gender: Male Species: Terran Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 5'11" Weight: 185 lbs

Family History: Mother: Dr. Susan Jenson Whitney (exobiologist, Nerondi colony) Father: Dr. James Arthur Whitney (colony administrator and planetary geologist, Nerondi colony) Siblings: Eric Charles Whitney (brother, merchant/freighter captain), Robert Lawrence Whitney (brother, Chief Engineering Officer, U.S.S. Wallace), Alicia Christine Whitney (sister, currently attending Starfleet Academy Medical School) Spouse: None Children: None

Personal History: Jason Whitney was born at the Nerondi Science Colony on planet Nerondi on Stardate 235402.16. Jason’s parents encouraged all their children to become scientists. While Jason’s other siblings disliked the structure and pressure placed upon them, but Jason enjoyed it. This was perhaps because he had a natural affinity for science. At 15, he applied for entrance into the Daystrom Institute and was accepted. At the Daystrom Institute, he majored in bioengineering. He received his B.S. in two years, graduating in 2371, and entered Johns Hopkins University Medical School. Jason was fascinated with the Borg and began to study them at this point. He returned to the Daystrom Institute in 2373, abandoning the medical program to earn a Ph.D. in cybernetics and nanotechology in 2375, at the age of 21. His dissertation centered on the Borg use of nanoprobes. He obtained a position as an assistant instructor at 20 and now is a full professor of cybernetics at the Daystrom Institute. Recently, he completed the final requirements of his medical decree.