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Robert Whitney is former Chief Engineering Officer aboard the Indria-A; and Engineer aboard USS Caledonia, USS Nemesis and USS Wallace.



Robert Whitney


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Former Engineer
  • Ship: USS Wallace
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Human (Terran)
  • Spouse Dr. Gabriella Robinson Whitney

  • DoB: 235104.09
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown

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  • Name: Robert Lawrence Whitney
  • Birthdate: 235104.09
  • Place of Birth: Nerondi Science Colony, Nerondi V, United Federation of Planets
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human (Terran)
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Special Traits: Whitney is ambidextrious. His throat has a three inch diagonal scar along the center of his neck and he speaks in a raspy voice.

Family History

  • Mother: Dr. Susan Jenson Whitney (exobiologist, Nerondi colony)
  • Father: Dr. James Arthur Whitney (colony administrator and planetary geologist, Nerondi colony)
  • Siblings: Eric Charles Whitney (brother, merchant/freighter captain); Dr. Jason Thomas Whitney (brother, scientist); Alicia Christine Whitney (sister, currently attending Starfleet Academy)
  • Spouse: Dr. Gabriella Robinson Whitney
  • Children: Avalon Whitney (daughter)

Early History

Robert Lawrence Whitney was born at the Nerondi Science Colony on planet Nerondi V in 2351. His parents were both scientists and encouraged their children to be scientists as well. In fact, they expected their children to study science several hours a day. Robert's oldest brother, Eric, disliked this structured environment and he and Robert often "played hooky" at nearby Nerondi Beach. On one of these excursions, when Robert was 13, Eric began climbing a steep cliff face and Robert followed. A few meters up, Robert lost his grip and fell. Jagged rocks severed his right arm and he was given a cybernetic prosthetic replacement.

Robert's oldest brother Eric (born: 6906.21) disliked science and left the colony on his 18th birthday in a stolen shuttlecraft. His parents were very upset with him over this and haven't spoken to him since. Robert looked up to his oldest brother and wished in a small way that he could have gone with him. His other brother Jason became a scientist like his parents wanted. His younger sister looked up to Robert and decided to join Starfleet just like her brother. Robert was very interested in history as a child. Robert's major interest was in Earth naval history and military history. Robert also liked to read literature and his brother Eric read to him often. His parents taught him science and he found much of it very interesting.

Robert entered Starfleet Academy in 2269 at the age of 18. Robert was actively involved in martial arts while at the Academy and became captain of the Academy Martial Arts Team. He even won a Federation-wide competition in his junior year. As a senior, Robert participated in an internship program under Admiral Garfield Davis, Chief Design Engineer at the Antares Ship Yards. While an intern, he developed a modification in the intermix formula that increased the efficiency of warp drives by reducing the consumption rate while increasing energy output. As a result of Robert’s one year long internship, Robert did not graduate from Starfleet Academy until 2274. Robert graduated from Starfleet Academy ranked 8th in his class with honors in advanced propulsion engineering and astrophysics.

In his sophomore year, he met fellow cadet Ellen Peterson and they began a romantic relationship. They later became engaged, but Ellen broke off the engagement prior to their graduation from the Academy. Her reason for breaking it off was that she wanted to concentrate fully on her career in Starfleet and did not want to end up hurting Robert after they were married.

Professional History

His first posting following graduation was as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Freedom-A. The USS Freedom-A was acting as an experimental testbed for a new shield technology referred to as the “Wall of Light.” Despite Robert’s efforts to overcome some of the flaws in the “Wall of Light” design, the Freedom-A was lost to another dimension.

With the loss of the Freedom-A, Robert was transferred and promoted to Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Caledonia. While on the Caledonia’s first mission, Robert was taken prisoner by the Cardassians and impersonated by a Founder. Soon, the Maquis and his brother Eric rescued him. Robert continued to take part in several important missions and eventually obtained the rank of full Lieutenant.

In pursuit of a smuggler named Caiyan Raal, the Caledonia was led to a planet in the Devil’s Playpen known as the Devil’s Planet. While part of an away team, Robert encountered a clone of himself. The clone had been created using DNA obtained from Robert when the Cardassians had captured him. The clone was sent to assassinate Captain Jacobs, Lt. Cmdr. John Sharp, and Caiyan Raal. The clone mortally wounded Robert and left him for dead in the caverns of the Devil Planet.

While the clone took Robert’s place on the Caledonia, the real Robert was discovered barely alive by an elderly smuggler who resided on the Devil’s Planet. The smuggler nursed Robert back to health and took care of him. The smuggler, whose name was Laro, died six months later of a disease he had been living with for years. Robert took Laro to the caverns to bury him when he encountered Starfleet personnel from the USS Nemesis and USS Indria-A. He soon learned that his clone was dead and that the crew of the Indria-A were mostly former crewmates from the Caledonia. Captain Valarious McGregor reinstated Robert as Chief Engineering Officer aboard the Indria-A with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Shorty thereafter, Robert was transferred to the USS Wallace where he was posted as Chief Engineering Officer. During a routine patrol by the Wallace, former Captain Willard Decker appeared aboard the bridge. Decker was the leader of a Borg faction from the machine planet where V’Ger was created. These Borg assimilated Robert, renamed him “Peregrinus,” and used his knowledge to attack the Wallace. This Borg faction was operating from a small moon where members of the Wallace crew arrived by shuttlecraft and rescued Robert. Being convinced by the Wallace crew that assimilation was not necessary to achieve his goals, Decker and his Borg faction left for parts unknown.

After the Borg/Decker incident, Robert’s brother Jason came to visit him on the Wallace. Jason was an expert in Borg technology and came to remove and examine the remaining Borg technology in Robert’s body. Jason devised a way to regenerate Robert’s severed right arm by using Borg nanotechnology. The experiment was a success and Robert gained a new right arm.

The next major mission on the Wallace involved the K’lox. Robert successfully recreated the “Wall of Light” technology aboard the Wallace which they used to defeat the K’lox. Following this mission, Robert asked for a leave of absence from the Wallace.

Robert returned to Nerondi V to visit his parents. While there, he encountered a silicon-based lifeform usually classified as a “brancher” which was the same type of entity as the “Crystalline Entity.” This entity, still in its infant state, attempted to destroy the colony. Robert used graviton pulses to communicate with the entity and save the colony. The entity then retreated to open space.

At this same time, Robert met a colonist named Dr. Gabriella Robinson. They developed a relationship and Robert and Gabriella were soon married. Seeking to remain with his new wife and start a family, Robert resigned from Starfleet in 2378. In 2381, his daughter Avalon Whitney was born.

Robert studied civil engineering and led many projects to improve the infrastructure and efficiency of the colony. Robert even obtained his graduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Alpha Centauri via their Long Distance Education Program.

Robert is hesitant to return to Starfleet, but with the support of his wife and daughter, he is ready to give it a second chance.


Robert has an avid interest in Earth history and literature. Robert can speak French, Spanish, German, Japanese and is familiar with Klingon, Cardassian, and Vulcan. He has a black belt in aikido, judo, and karate, as well as a familiarity with kenjutsu. Robert reads up on new scientific discoveries and keeps abreast of new developments in engineering technology.