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Wejwa' (Klingon for flavor) is a Klingon restaurant located on Deep Space 3, that opened in mid 2398 to much acclaim. [1]


Wejwa's facade resembles a 20 foot tall hill of gray granite carved from a single stone. Leftward from the Starbase's main corridor, a cave mouth grants entry, proceeded by intense aromas of meat, smoke, spices, and alcohol.

Bolted above the cave mouth is the Wejwa logo: a Bat'leth in the background, and the dark red lettering arching downwardly spelling out the name in Federation Standard.


The Cave

Entering through the cave mouth brings one through a 20 foot long series of tunnels, (5 feet take a right, five more feet take another right, 10 feet straight forward ( before one arrives at the dining room.

The Cavern (Dining Room)

A 15 foot tall cavern with natural looking vaulted ceilings, holds the dining room, lit by artificial candles in niches about the wall. The thousands of pebbles set in the floor are reminiscent of a stone walk way.

Across from the entry way, centered on the walk, a ten foot statue of a Klingon man stands proudly in white granite, an onyx bat'leth at his feet. Flanking the door, are a set of swinging doors on either side, made of a wood that resembles Mahogany.

The dozen rectangular feast tables and their accompanying chairs are crafted from the same wood. As is the greeter's podium near the front, carved with scenes of one-on-one, hand-to-hand combat.

The banners of the Great houses are hung from the walls, rounding out the decor.


The Menu

Wejwa' offers mostly Klingon traditional, with a few fusion offerings, like the scrumptious Targ burger, and delectable Targ Cheese Cake with Warnog drizzle.

The menu as of 239898.12


"Targ is my new favorite meat." Petty Officer Desin, DS3 Ops.

"Gagh,that's good."-Tikov

"Just like Grandma use to make."-Ruk, son of Grar.

"A real treat for those seeking upscaled Klingon comfort food, especially traditional. However, they also offer a limited but quality amount of fusion dishes. The decor is astoundingly thematic and really plays well on the chosen aesthetic. The price point isn't overly expensive, but most won't be able to afford to make it a daily ritual. Reservations are recommended, as it's currently quite the hot spot. One sticking point for some, is the staff attitude, others view it as part of the authentic experience."
Four stars.jpg

DS3s new Klingon Joint: Qa'pla or nah?-Starbound Dining Review 239807

FNS-banner.jpg "Whether you like Klingon food or are feeling brave one evening, make sure to try an authentic taste of Klingon fare at Wejwa’, available only on Deep Space 3."

"Popular Klingon restaurant promises to wage glorious battle… on your tastebuds!"


  1. "The Spices must flow.", PNPC Tro'k, USS Arrow, 239808.12