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((Captain’s Ready Room))

:: Greir was quite at home now in the Captain’s Ready room and sat gazing a favourite picture he’d placed on the desk some time earlier with himself and Rori in it. The picture showed him as a young boy and they were both laughing together. It was such a happy, natural shot and it reminded him of happy times. It reminded him of his upbringing and all the things that made him who he was today; everything he had received and everything he wanted to give back to the universe. ::

:: He turned his attention back to the reports he was filing and after some time he received an incoming message from StarFleet HQ. He read it over and couldn’t help but smile, this was the sort of good news he was sure every Captain looked forward to. Well this was going to be fun. ::

Reinard: oO Time to rally the team by the looks of it. Oo

Reinard: =/\= Captain Reinard to Lieutenant Calderan and all senior staff, there will be a briefing in the observation lounge in one hour, see you there. Reinard out. =/\=

::Greir spent the next hour getting the things he needed ready and thinking about how he was going to do this. Usually the Captain would do this but since Diego wasn’t here and he was the acting captain it was going to fall to him to do it and it would be his first time. He’d been in contact with Diego earlier that day and had exchanged messages. Greir made sure Diego knew the Vigilant had arrived and was holding position as he had ordered; Diego was also notified of his intention to hold a particular briefing and the time of it.::

:: He was more excited than nervous, both for the opportunity to do this and for the officers involved. It was a fitting end to his first mission as captain. He knew he still had a lot to learn and he still wanted to diversify his skillset but in the end he’d done well and led his people to success and this was about to prove it. ::

((Observation Lounge))

::Greir was in the observation lounge well ahead of time. Everything was ready and laid out with the precision of an OCD alignment hawk. He greeted everyone warmly as they came in and took their seats, a fair number of them were familiar with what he was about to do next. taJoot took his seat and to him and once everyone had arrived he was able to begin. ::

Reinard: Thanks for being so prompt, I hope you made the best of the period of light duties. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more but we’ve been called to help with something urgent. I’m sure there are a few of you wondering what’s going on but all will be revealed soon. In the meantime I’m pleased to announce that there are a few things that StarFleet Command thinks you deserve so I’m going to go ahead and hand them out.

::Satisfied that he had everyone’s attention it was with great pride that he segued right into the business he was attending to. His only regret was that the real Captain, his friend Diego wasn’t here to see this as he was sure he would be just as proud of everyone.::

:: First off Greir had an appointment to make after receiving a request from his Chief of Science. Lieutenant Solor was no longer interested in holding the role and had requested to step down as the Chief of Science. In fact he was not interested in serving on a ship at all anymore and had requested reassignment to deep space 6. Reinard had chosen to honour the request because Solor was happy to serve as a Science Officer whilst the request was considered and he had an officer who was capable of stepping up and managing the role.  ::

Reinard: Before I get into all of that though I have to announce a change in the science department. Lieutenant Solor is stepping down as Chief of Science and that leaves us with an opening. Lieutenant Matthews, you’ve been a capable officer and great asset to the science department; your desire to continue develop yourself is commendable. It’s for that reason I would like to offer you the position of Acting Chief of Science.

Matthews: I can fill in for a little while I suppose.

Handley: Well done Mr Matthews.

Zehn: Congratulations, Lieutenant

Reinard: If you continue to perform consistently well it is my hope that you can take on the role permanently in the future.

Matthews: That . . . sounds great. Thank you sir.

taJoot: Nice work, buddy!

Matthews: Thanks.

Reinard: StarFleet Command are satisfied with the way we conducted ourselves with the Asavii and are considering whether or not to send a diplomatic envoy to follow up with what we started. I’m sure we all hope they leave Zolrak behind them on Asav. While they move on and find their place in the universe we too have a few changes to announce. A few of our crew members, most notably Ensign Kydy has been reassigned. We have received some new crew in their place, so please join me in welcoming Ensign S’kaa who will be working under commander Eerie in the security department.

::Greir was looking forward to getting to know the Gorn officer. There weren’t many in StarFleet and he hadn’t served with one before and the thing he loved most about serving in StarFleet was the opportunity to meet and learn more about other species.::

taJoot: Welcome aboard, Ensign.

Eerie: Yes, Sir, he fitting in well.

Handley: Welcome to the good ship Vigilant, Ensign.

Zehn: Welcome, Ensign.

Reinard: Ensign Falcon, your quick thinking and quick reflexes have been a real asset to the crew since you joined us. Even though you’ve been faced with some extremely difficult situations you’ve shown yourself to have a range of skills that’s been of great help to your teammates. StarFleet is promoting you to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Similarly, 2nd Lieutenant Calderan is to be promoted to 1st Lieutenant for outstanding bravery and dedication. Congratulations to you both.

::While there was a well-deserved round of congratulations Greir took the rosewood box containing the extra half pip and approached Kaitlyn so he could pin the new pip to her collar. Once Falcon was done he went and did Calderan’s for her. ::

Handley: Well done Lieutenant.

taJoot: Oh yeah, props to the Ops. ::air-fiving Falcon from across the room.::

Handley: Bravo Ms Falcon.

Thomas: Congrats Lieutenants

Falcon: L-T, Major, thanks.

Calderan: Thank you Sir, thanks everyone. Just doing my job.

Zehn: Obviously doing it well, Lieutenant.

::Greir returned to his seat and looked at the many little boxes in front of him, he was going to need a little help with that miniature mountain.

Reinard: Dueld, would you be so good as to give me a hand with these?

taJoot: ::standing with a grin:: Aye sir, with pleasure.

::In other words there were a lot of boxes and he was going to get his acting first officer to distribute them on his behalf. A number of officers who weren’t at this briefing were also going to be awarded with a number of ribbons but he proceeded to award service ribbons to those gathered who were eligible.::

Reinard: For our work in discovering Asav, the people who dwell there and for the success of our first contact with them the following people have been awarded the Explorer’s Ribbon and First Contact Ribbons – Commanders Eerie, Handley-page and Malcolm, Lieutenants taJoot, Thomas, Zehn, Matthews, Falcon, Ensign Kydy and myself.

::The next couple of ribbons he had to give out were testament to the terrible danger his people had put themselves in to help the Asavii people evacuate their stricken biodome. The other recipient of this particular ribbon was still recovering from his injuries. ::

Reinard:  ::Feeling guilty:: oO He is essentially receiving this ribbon as a result of injuries I inflicted upon him. Oo

Reinard: For injuries sustained in the line of duty Commander Malcolm is awarded the Purple Heart. I hope you took some time to relax and recover between looking after your other patients Doctor.

taJoot: ::sober smile:: Okay, this one isn't fun to hand out, but it's sure good that you're here to get it.

Handley: Well deserved, Doctor.

::The next ribbon had various levels and the highest level, the Gold Lifesaving Ribbon was going to Lieutenant Chen who had saved his life but ended up trapped and in great peril as a result of his bravery. Greir was always going to be extremely grateful for Chen’s actions. Their relationship had been strained at the time but they had put their recent differences behind them and saved each other. At least things were getting better as they moved on from this.::

Reinard: For saving the life of a fellow StarFleet officer Commander Handley-Page and myself are awarded the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon. The Lifesaving Ribbon is awarded to Commander Malcolm for her efforts in saving the lives of injured Asavii.

Handley: Thank you kindly, Sir.

taJoot: They'll never forget what you did for them.

::There was getting to be quite a dent in the ribbons and there were just a few more to award. He really couldn’t be more proud of everyone and hoped they would wear their ribbons with pride.::

Reinard: Commander Malcolm and Lieutenant Falcon, are to receive the Joint Meritorious Unit award.

taJoot: Aye, sir.

Handley: Congratulations.

::There was one last award to give out and like with earlier ribbons there were a number of individuals not present who could expect to be receiving this one as well.::

Reinard: Finally StarFleet have decided to award Commanders Handley-Page, Malcolm, Eerie, Lieutenants taJoot, Thomas, Zehn, Matthews, Falcon and myself with the Good Conduct Ribbon in recognition of our outstanding conduct and actions during the last mission. Once again congratulations on and all; I think this proves once again that we have the very best in the fleet right here so let’s keep up the high standards. ::Enthusiastically::

::His round of team ego-buffing was interrupted by the doors to the observation lounge swishing open to reveal a most welcome sight. His best friend, the real Captain was back! A wide smile spread across his face and he stood up to greet his friend.::

Herrera: Sorry to gatecrash the party but I was in the neighbourhood and I thought I'd drop by.

::The way he sauntered in like he was never gone and announced himself was typical. Being Captain of the ship had been a real experience and he was looking forward to the day StarFleet trusted him with a ship and crew of his own, but for now he was glad for Diego to take back command of his ship..::

Reinard: Welcome back sir, it’s great to have you back! ::Beaming::

Handley: Welcome back Sir.

::Diego rested a hand on his shoulder and smiled broadly at the assembled crew who looked just as happy to see him return. Diego had commanded the Vigilant since its launch and it felt good and right to have him back where he belonged.::

Herrera: If you don't mind, 'mano, there are a few things I'd like to announce myself. Mind if I take the floor for a second?

Reinard: Of course, say no more.

::Greir stepped off to the side a bit to give Diego room to address the crew.::

Herrera: I'm gonna start by saying that I've read up on the reports from Starfleet Command and I'm aware of the promotions and service ribbons that you've all been given. There were a good number of feats of bravery performed during what you were all expecting to be a routine first contact mission and I'm proud and impressed with the way you helped the Asavii.

::Diego looked towards the Major and shook his head. Was that a sigh that Greir heard? It seemed as if Diego was expressing disappointment, but that was impossible because the Major had performed all of his duties brilliantly. So Greir thought there was a joke or a trick coming and waited for Diego to drop it.::

Herrera: Major, I don't want to have to get into the habit of telling my senior staff that they're out of uniform, but you are. ::He broke out into a smile once again.:: Because I'm reinstating you to second officer, and I expect to see you back in command red as soon as possible.

::Greir chuckled inwardly as he remembered being victim to the very same trick on his unexpected promotion to second officer. He also remembered just about breaking his neck in his hurry to get back to his quarters and change. The thought of wearing command red for the first time had been incredibly exciting. Since making the change he’d gone from strength to strength.::

::Of course this wasn’t new to the Major but Greir was very glad to see him reinstated. He had the greatest respect for the officer and was looking forward to getting to know him, working more closely with him. So far their duties hadn’t given them a lot of time for it so perhaps some time in the future he’d make a point of finding some time to get to know him better.::

Handley-Page: Handley: Thank you Captain. I will not let you down again. Can I keep Lt Calderan and Sgt Gwinnett as my beautiful assistants?

::Greir shook his head and smiled a little at the comment which he knew to be typical of the half-terran officer.::

Herrera: Hey, well someone's gotta keep you on your toes. It could have been worse, I could have told you I was specially assigning you to go and scrub the outside of the hull or something.

Handley-Page: Don't worry Sir, with my career history that might still happen.

::Greir shook his head again and hoped that was a joke. He imagined they were going on to the business of their mission here now as he could think of no other official business that needed squaring away.::

Herrera: Lieutenant Commander Reinard. You were thrown in the deep end, literally according to the type of world where you ran your last mission. The odds were stacked against you and the crew. Despite that, you showed outstanding diplomatic skills while organising and overseeing a relief and evacuation effort that saved a huge number of lives. You did so at personal cost and every single detail that I've seen in the mission report that was submitted to Starfleet Command shows that you put the lives of the Asavii and the Vigilant crew at the forefront of your concerns. You're a competent and talented officer and you have a flair for this job. You have the crew's loyalty and respect... ::He paused and opened the rosewood box, although he would be the only one who could see inside, then looked Greir directly in the eye.:: ...and you have mine.

::Diego’s words deeply touched him and the last shreds of self-doubt disappeared. To him this really showed that even though he hadn’t realised it, he’d already grown into his new role.::

Herrera: For your service to Starfleet and the USS Vigilant, on Zakdorn IV, in dealing with the Zalkonians and for leading a successful first contact mission with the Asavii, I'm awarding you with the Legion of Merit. Congratulations!

:: It was obvious that to be able to earn such prestigious awards and hear comments like that he had to be doing a very good job indeed. The thing that meant the most to him though was hearing that he had the respect of his friend and captain Diego. He was sure he’d been told it before but he appreciated hearing it again and had never been more proud to be where he was.::

Reinard: Thank you so much sir.

::Greir shook Diego’s hand firmly. He was determined to maintain his high standards and continue to strive to do the very best that he could for his crew.::

Herrera: While the Legion of Merit is certainly a fitting reward for such an able officer, I think there's something even more appropriate that needs to be done and it is well deserved indeed. ::He stepped forward, removing the half pip from Greir's collar and replacing it with the full one.:: I'm promoting you to Commander, along with all of the rights and responsibilities that go with it. ::He was oozing pride.:: Way to go, 'mano. I'm proud of you.

Reinard: Thank you. I can’t tell you what an honour it is.

::Greir was astonished but the unexpected promotion, he felt like he should have something clever or at least something more to say but the promotion had really taken him by surprise. He didn’t feel he’d done anything that exceptional. Hard work clearly had its rewards. He would continue to work hard and give his crew the best because they deserved nothing less. He could not wait to tell Chen about his promotion and show him his shiny new pips! He was super excited and proud.::

Handley: Bang on Greir!!!

Thomas: Well done sir!

Zehn: Yes, well done Commander.

::Now the other Captain stepped up. He wondered if this was Fleet Captain Turner and really hoped he would get a few minutes with her at some point. He guessed since they were here at Duronis II to help with a problem that his crew would be working closely with the Federation Embassy and its officers.::

:: He was still deeply grateful to those of them who had fought for his people at the Battle of Bondi and hoped he would get the chance at some point to express that. It had been exceptionally hard not being able to be there for his people but they had stepped up and thanks in no small part to their efforts they had pushed back a Klingon invasion.::

Turner: Excuse me, Captain. Before we begin, I'd like to say a few words to your crew.

Herrera: Sure. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Fleet Captain Toni Turner, commanding officer of the Duronis II Embassy and the USS Thunder. ::He nodded to her and stepped to one side.:: All yours, Ma'am.

::It confirmed his suspicious about her identity. He already had the highest respect for any officer who managed to attain the rank of Fleet Captain but because of her service to his people he had much greater respect still. He had a similar level of respect for the rest of her crew too. It was like meeting a living legend and naturally that meant he was super keen to impress her. He already had a terrible feeling that he was going to trip himself up by trying too hard – that was what usually happened in these circumstances.::

Turner: Captain Herrera is a gentleman, peacemaker, and is a well-liked leader within our fleet. And surely an exemplary example of the caliber of leader we would hope to attract to the group and represent us in the media. Herrera has proved his wisdom in dealing with players in a fair and impartial manner, and he's a proactive dynamo whose works have not gone unnoticed by his higher ups.

For that reason, I am here on behalf of the UFOP: Starbase 118 Executive Council to promote him to the rank of Fleet Captain. ::Removing the four pips from his collar, Toni took a silver box from her pocket and replace them with a Fleet Captain insignia.:: Congratulations, Fleet Captain!

::Greir could not be more excited and proud of Diego. It was very well deserved indeed. There were two Fleet Captains to impress now… Now he just needed someone to give him a job so he had something to use the excessive built up emotional energy he had running through him. He hoped he didn’t look half as hyperactive as he felt. He was nearly falling over himself to congratulate his best friend. ::

Herrera: Thankyou, I really appreciate your kind words. It looks like this is turning out to be a good afternoon for us all.

Reinard: ::Excitedly and louder than needed due to it.:: Congratulations Sir! We’re all lucky to serve under such an inspiration leader and I’m very proud of you. ::Clapping enthusiastically::

Handley: Congratulations Fleet Captain.

Zehn: Congratulations!

::After the excitement and applause died down a little Diego carried on.::

Herrera: I wish that you could have been called to Duronis II under better circumstances. ::Normally, he would have used the Laudeans' own name for the planet, Til'ahn, but given that quite a few of the crew had likely never been there, he felt it would be better to avoid potential confusion.:: I have a lot to tell you about what's happening on the planet. There's an infection that's potentially on the verge of spreading rapidly but it's not like anything we've ever faced before. I'm not going to go into too much detail now, but this is something we can beat if we can work together with the Embassy crew. It'll be difficult going, but I have every confidence that both crews are the very finest in Starfleet and that if we work together there's nothing at all that can stand in our way.

::Greir had no idea what sort on infection they were dealing with, Maybe they should have brought a hospital ship instead? Greir was glad they hadn’t because he wasn’t serving on one and would be incredibly irritated if he missed out on another chance to help his own planet during a time of crisis. He was a bit worried for his family but not too much as he knew Diego had seen them recently and had reported good news about their progress..::

::After all the awards and celebrations Greir’s confidence and determination was at its maximum. He could not imagine a problem he couldn’t solve. Whatever the problem was he was going to conquer it! He pondered his family again, it was a lingering concern. He could conquer it but could he do it before it touched his own family?::

Reinard: oO I wonder if I can get my family into some family quarters on the ship. Humph. I wonder if Gjord could even be parted from his precious fish anyway. Oo

Herrera: There'll be a joint briefing at the Federation Embassy in Lokesh tomorrow morning at 0600. Until then, quarantine protocols are still in effect, except for Fleet Captain Turner. I want you all to rest up; consider yourselves as officially off duty. I'll be assigning a skeleton crew of junior officers to look after the bridge and key systems for the time being. Dismissed, everyone.

::He shook Diego’s hand even more vigorously and clapped a hand on his shoulder as he congratulated his friend once again before departing and allowing others to do the same. He was super keen to find out the exact nature of the problem and get to work on it. The information he currently had was pretty vague in that an infection could be of any number of things. He would find out very soon and before he turned in he had some plans of his own and they involved showing off his greatness!::

Handley: Once more unto the breach, dear friends..


Commander Reinard
First Officer
USS Vigilant