Vigilant Promotion and Awards Ceremony 239004.17

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((Observation Lounge))

::Diego sat at the head of the table in the OBL, waiting for the crew to arrive. In front of him was the trademark rosewood box. Although he had already granted some of his senior staff promotions, which he would be announcing at the briefing, there was still one that needed to be taken care of. Inside the box lay two fairly prestigious service ribbons that he was going to have the honour of presenting as well.::

::There was a good amount of chatter between the crew as the filed in. Greir and Leo took their seats either side of Diego at the head of the table. Once the final member of the crew found their seat, the conversation quietened to a dull roar before petering out, at which point Diego began the briefing.::

Herrera: Welcome back from shore leave. I hope everyone's had a chance for some R&R.

::He segued straight into official business; there was no point keeping a captive audience for any longer than was necessary.::

Herrera: Starfleet Command are pleased to have received a little more information about the Zalkonians. We're gonna keep learning more about them as we keep exploring the Zeta Gelis region, so we'll keep our lines of communication open. In the meantime, there have been some more changes to the crew. A few well known faces have disappeared and moved on, including Dr. Davis, Ensigns Reed and Androsia, and Lieutenants Fox and Malon. We wish them luck in their new assignments. It's not all 'out with the old', though. We have some brand new transfers too. A lot of you have probably met Lieutenant Commander Jen Malcolm, who will be taking charge for us in sickbay.

::He indicated Dr. Malcolm in case anyone had not had the chance to meet her yet.::

Malcolm: Response

Herrera: And she will be joined by a brand new face, Ensign Kydy, who is joining us from the Academy.

Kydy: Response

::He needed to catch up with their newest arrival to officially introduce himself and planned to do so once the briefing was concluded. As much as he'd been enjoying running the briefing sitting down, he decided that announcing promotions should be kept relatively formal so as not to lessen their meaning. He rose from his seat in preparation of announcing the first two.::

Herrera: As already announced, Dr. Malcolm has been promoted to Chief Medical Officer. Also, those of you who are paying attention might have noticed already that Lieutenant taJoot is no longer junior grade. In light of his continued excellent work since joining the crew, he's been promoted to Chief of Operations. Congratulations to both officers!

taJoot: Response

::He led the others in a round of applause. Once it had died down, he tapped his badge to invite the next promotee to join them.::

Herrera: =/\= Herrera to Malik and Varis. You can come in now. =/\=

Malik: =/\= Response =/\=

::The black collared intelligence officer made his way into the observation lounge, accompanied by the bubbly Risian science officer. During the last mission, Malik had been a key part of the team that had established a link with the Zalkonian station's computer files and from what Diego had read, he was responsible for finding out the truth about the identity of one of their Zalkonian rescuees. Varis had worked tirelessly with Lieutenant Matthews to develop a cure for the biotoxin that had flooded the Zalkonian station.::

Herrera: ::To the assembled staff.:: I've been a bit mean and not told Ensign Malik why we need him here... I guess we probably should have set the place up for a court martial to mess with his head a little more...

Malik: Response

Herrera: The good news, Mr. Malik is that for your work in gaining intelligence from the Zalkonians, as well as your tireless work in the intelligence lab even through leave, I'm promoting you to Lieutenant junior grade. ::Opening the box on the table in front of him, he clipped an extra half pip to Malik's collar.:: Congratulations!

Malik: Response

::Another wave of applause rose and fell before the next order of business.::

Herrera: Greir, how are you fixed for dishing these out?

::He passed the rosewood box over to the Laudean.::

Reinard: Response

::The ribbons that were about to be handed out had been earned under grave circumstances. Two of the Vigilant's crew had been infected by a particularly tenacious biotoxin, and without the efforts of two members of the science team, they could very well have died from it.::

Herrera: For bringing Commander Eerie and Lieutenant Brown back from the brink of death, Lieutenant Matthews and Ensign Varis, you;ve earned the Silver Lifesaving ribbon. Good job, both of you.

Reinard: Response

::Diego watched as both officers received their ribbons.::

Varis: Response

Matthews: Response

::The final item on the agenda was directly related to the reasons for his having chosen Greir to be his 'glamorous assistant' rather than Leo.::

Herrera: There's also been a shuffle in the command structure on the ship. Starfleet has decided to accept an offer of help from the Byzallian government. They've established a military presence on DS6 who will help to reinforce Starfleet's presence in the Zakdorn sector. Commander Handley-Page has been asked to serve as the Byzallian liaison officer by Starfleet and that falls hand in hand with the Strategic Operations role on the Vigilant. He's stepping aside from the first officer position so that he'll have time to fulfil his duties and has converted to the marine rank of Major as part of his move into his new department.

::The role was prestigious indeed and Diego was keen not to give the crew the impression that Leo had been demoted.::

Herrera: Obviously, the ship can't run without a first officer, and we need someone who can do the enviable job of filling Leo's shoes. Fortunately we have an up-and-coming candidate who's shown a talent for command, which makes Commander Reinard the obvious choice.

Handley-Page: Response

Reinard: Response

Herrera: Congratulations to both of you!

::As the final round of applause abated, Diego was keen and eager to get the ship prepped for departure.::

Herrera: Alright, that's enough sitting around! Take your stations. Greir, I'd like us ready to leave Deep Space 6 in ten minutes.

Reinard: Response

Herrera: Ensign Kydy, come and meet me in the Ready Room.

Kydy: Response

::Already heading for the exit, Diego issued the order that would prompt the others to do the same.::

Herrera: That's it, people. Dismissed!


Captain Diego Herrera
Commanding Officer
USS Vigilant