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((USS Vigilant Deck 1: Briefing Room))

::Under normal circumstances, Diego would have been the first into the briefing room. However, on this occasion, he wanted to give his staff a chance to assemble before making his entrance. Entering the room that housed the long conference table via the connecting door from the short corridor outside his ready room, he carried with him a rosewood box that would, for some, communicate at least one of the items on the agenda for the meeting.::

::All of the chairs were full, save the one nearest the row of viewports at the head of the table. Either side of the empty chair sat the Vigilant's first and second officers, one of whom would be waiting for their promotion to be formally announced, which brought Diego straight to the first item on his agenda.::

Herrera: Thanks for coming everyone. I'm sure I don't need to tell you all what a big day this is for the Vigilant. We're about to take our first steps into a region of space that Starfleet is hoping we will be able to help to stabilize. As a crew, you've already shown that you're capable of big things. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to see you all forge links and find a way to function as a team even before our official launch, which is what this meeting is about.

::No props were needed for the first promotion. The newest member of his command team had already taken care of the change in uniform which had undoubtedly been noticed by many of the officers in attendance already.::

Herrera: First of all, I'd like to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Reinard to second officer. Greir will continue in his role as Chief Counsellor as well as taking on some command responsibilities around the ship. He's already shown us that he's capable of leading a team through his actions in Prak Zel, and that his diplomatic skills are second to none. I don't know how many of us could have included a report about an attack on our own homeworld in a presentation like that and shown such strength of character, nor do I know how many of us would have gone to such lengths to build bridges with fellow crewmates. ::It hadn't escaped Diego's notice that Greir had spent much of his leave running psychological evaluations, going to some lengths to make them as comfortable as possible for his colleagues.:: Congratulations, Grier!

::There was a hearty round of applause following the announcement. Greir had already earned the respect and friendship of a good number of the crew.::

Reinard: Reinard: Thank you very much Sir.

::Flipping open the rosewood box, Diego continued with the ceremony.::

Herrera: Ox, would you please join me?

::He waited for the marine officer to arrive before removing a silver marine pip from the box.::

Herrera: On Zakdorn IV you showed you are a versatile officer who is dedicated to his crew. As well as working to provide security for the delivery of the Vigilant's deuterium, you also lent a hand in sickbay when the going got tough. For your service to the ship and her crew, I am promoting you to the rank of 1st Lieutenant, with all of the responsibilities and privileges that come along with it. Congratulations!

::He removed the gold bar from Ox's uniform collar and replaced it with the silver one.::

Brown: Thank you sir.

Handley: Bravo!

::Removing two half-pips from the box, Diego called for his next two victims.::

Herrera: Mr. Fox and Mr. taJoot, it's your turn.

::As Ox retook his place, the two Ensigns came to the head of the table.::

Herrera: Mr. Fox, you took on an extremely difficult task without fear or hesitation, and you were willing to put yourself through rigorous mental training just to allow us a shot at discrediting the Klingon movement on Zakdorn IV. Your performance at the public address and during the confrontation above the Zakdorn homeworld were exemplary and your positive attitude is an inspiration to the crew. Mr. taJoot, you also worked well outside your comfort zone. I threw you in at the deep end, and you gave Commander Handley-Page exactly what he needed to make his part of the mission a success. You show a great deal of pride in your work, which is a quality to be admired. I'm promoting both of you to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade, with all of the responsibilities and privileges that come with it. Well done to both of you!

::He added a half pip to each of their collars in turn.::

Fox:  ::Warmly:: Much obliged to you, Captain.

taJoot:  ::blank-faced:: ...Sir, thank you, sir!

::Two full pips still remained in the box, each one intended for a different recipient.::

Herrera: Dr. Malon, please join me.

::As soon as the tall Rodulan had taken up her position and the new jaygees had found their seats, Diego continued.::

Herrera: It goes almost without saying that we would not have found ourselves with such an insight into the Zakdorn without your tireless efforts on the planet's surface. However, I won't be promoting you to Lieutenant junior grade today.

Malon: Response

::He had seen that she liked to tease the crew and turnaround seemed like fair play, especially given the payoff in this instance.::

Herrera: I've had word from Starfleet and a recommendation has been submitted that your previous career history be taken into account during this round of promotions. I would tend to agree. Based on your service record and your performance in the previous mission, I am promoting you to the rank of full Lieutenant and to the position of Chief Medical Officer. Congratulations!

::He clipped the second full pip to the new CMO's collar.::

Malon: Response

((OOC: Jumping up 2 ranks is not something that happens very often - please see accompanying OOC mail for an explanation!))

::And that left just one more.::

Herrera: Mr. Thomas, you're next.

::Again, he waited for the officer exchange to be completed before carrying on.::

Herrera: For a moment there, I think even you were worried about whether or not we would make it out of the shipyards, but when you heard the call of duty you answered it, and then some. You worked tirelessly to ensure that the Vigilant was not only in a position to launch, but also in a condition where she could defend herself and the Zakdorn from a Klingon attack, and you did so without complaint. Your work has been exemplary, and you have shown us just what you are capable of as a Chief Engineer. I'm promoting you to the rank of full Lieutenant!

::He removed the half pip from Kael's collar, replacing it with a full one.::

Thomas: Response

Handley: Congrats!

::With things almost concluded, Diego removed two small, tightly-wrapped bundles from the bottom of the box that had contained the pips. With ranks and duty posts assigned, there was the small matter of the award of service ribbons to those who had earned them.::

Herrera: Leo, if you could give me a hand?

Handley-Page: Of course sir.

::He passed the bundles over to his first officer, ready for them to be distributed.::

Herrera: I regret to announce that Lieutenant Foster and Ensign Androsia have been reassigned and will not be joining us for our first trip into the Zeta Gelis region. We wish both of them luck in their future endeavours, and I'd like you all to know that I've filed a promotion to Lieutenant Commander for Mr. Foster with Starfleet, as well as passing on the award of the Joint Meritorious Service ribbon, which Fleet Captain Turner from the Duronis II Embassy was unable to present to him before he transferred aboard this ship.

::He paused for a moment to allow the news of the departures to sink in.::

Herrera: To that end, I would like to welcome a temporary replacement for Mr. Foster. Lieutenant Solor has joined us for the time being, and will be taking responsibility for the science department.

::He indicated the part-Vulcan, who was sat nearest to the Briefing Room doors to the bridge. In return, the scientist raised a hand in cheerful greeting to the rest of the crew.::

Herrera: And talking of the Joint Meritorious Award, that honour has been granted to the following members of the crew: Lieutenant Commander Leo Handley-Page, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard, Lieutenant j.g. James Fox, Lieutenant Commander Eerie, Ensign Nicholas Reed, Lieutenant Ilyazi Malon, Ensign Grigoriy Davis and Lieutenant j.g. Dueld taJoot and myself.

Handley-Page: Well done everyone.. oO and me Oo

::There was one more small pause as Diego waited for Leo to complete his lap of the table.::

Herrera: And finally, the Klingon Invasion ribbon has been awarded to: Lieutenant Commander Leo Handley-Page, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard, Lieutenant j.g. James Fox, Ensign Nicholas Reed, Lieutenant Ilyazi Malon, Ensign Grigoriy Davis, Lieutenant j.g. Dueld taJoot and myself.

Handley-Page: Star Fleet is in your debt.

Reinard: Congratulations everyone, very well deserved. ::Sincerely::

Anyone: Response

::That took care of the myriad awards and accolades; the time for action was just around the corner.::

Herrera: Congratulations again, everyone. Now, I believe we have some business to take care of. Take your stations. We'll be leaving Deep Space Six in ten minutes.

Matthews: Yes, Captain.

Handley: May the wind be at our backs!


::Proud to have such a fine bunch of officers to call his senior staff, Diego watched with pride as they began to leave.::


Captain Diego Herrera
Commanding Officer
USS Vigilant

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