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USS Gemini
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Victor Frankenstein
Position Medical Research Specialist
Rank Lieutenant
Species Medusan
Gender Male
DOB 201412.18
Age 386
Birthplace Visalayan

Lieutenant Victor Frankenstein is currently serving as a Medical Research Specialist aboard the USS Gemini. STfrankenstein1.jpg


  • Height: 1.75 m while in exo-suit; irrelevant when not
  • Weight: 142.4 kg while in exo-suit; irrelevant when not
  • Hair: N/A
  • Eyes: N/A
  • Build: N/A

As a Medusan, Frankenstein is a non-corporeal entity whose physical appearance may induce insanity in those who look upon him. During any contact with humanoid species, Medusans seal themselves inside opaque carrier pods in order to avoid such occurrences. However, such pods -- carried by attendants in most cases -- are not conducive to the kind of direct interaction Frankenstein requires or desires for his work and as such, he has designed for himself an exo-suit. The "carrier pod" has become the chest cavity of a bipedal humanoid construct, complete with head, legs, arms and articulated hands. Over this exo-suit, he wears a well-tailored Starfleet uniform.

The exo-suit itself is designed to be as "exposure-proof" as possible, the chest cavity having three inner walls as well as an opaque emergency force field to prevent external damage from exposing any humanoids to the Medusan's true form. Additionally, the entire suit is constructed from a reinforced alloy similar to the material used to make the hulls of Starfleet vessels. While the suit is by no means industructable, Frankenstein and the SCE have gone to extreme lengths to make his presence among humanoids as safe as possible.


Born in the Argra Biovent on the Medusan homeworld -- known to natives as Visalayan -- Frankenstein was the third of seventy-one Medusan birthings of the year 2014. As Medusans are formed in the biovents of their planet's crust, rather than "born" in the same manner as corporeal beings, Frankenstein did not have parents, but rather was raised and educated in the Medusan communal parentage system, which is where he began to learn about one of the most important aspects of life to most if not all Medusans -- art. For Frankenstein, music held particular interest and it was through his studies of music that he became fascinated with humanoids in general and humans in particular.

In studying the music of the corporeal species, Frankenstein also began to explore these creatures -- so vastly different from his fellow Medusans -- from a scientific perspective. He was fascinated by their functioning, their biology, their fragility and paradoxically their resilience. It was this fascination that led him to devote himself to the medical sciences, downgrading his musical studies to the status of hobby.

In mid-2378, an agreement was struck between the Medusans and the Federation, allowing for the placement of one Medusan aboard the Federation medical facility on Deimos IV. Frankenstein was the Medusan selected for the placement. However, the realities of having a Medusan mixing with corporal species led to an agreement that the placement would be better completed with starfleet, as their facilities were better suited to preventig accidental exposure and more accustomed to dealing with the more unusual circumstances a Medusan presence may provide.

While serving aboard Starfleet facilities, he became adept at many disciplines, including his two favourites, virology and xenocuriatology -- the science of using genetic material from one species to treat illness or injury in another. He began his Starfleet experience as an honourary Lieutenant at Starbase 94 in 2381, but the majority of his studies and experience within Starfleet facilities was aboard Medical Starbase 253. It was during his tenure aboard SB 253 that frustrations regarding the limitation of his interactions while confined to a traditional carrier pod led to Frankenstein delving into the science of robotics. With the help of some sympathetic hands at the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, his exo-suit was constructed.

Clearly his name is not actually Victor Frankenstein. His real name is in fact extremely difficult for the vocal chords of corporeal beings to reproduce, so he selected a more human name for himself.

Music remains one of his hobbies, but he also has a somewhat less socially-acceptable hobby: designing new viruses.


Despite having extensively studied humanoids, Frankenstein's knowledge of social interaction is extremely limited. His experience with social and cultural dynamics is almost entirely academic and theoretical and this, combined with the vast differences between his own people and those races populating the ranks of Starfleet can and do lead to some very awkward moments. He has no concept of what may be inappropriate to say at a particular time.

Frankenstein is intensely curious about everything, which can be a hindrance as he will frequently focus too much on what he might be able to do from a medical or scientific standpoint as opposed to what he should do or what might be the quickest solution to a problem.

The name he has chosen for himself says quite a lot about his personality. In read Mary Shelley's novel, the Medusan saw the character of Frankenstein as a visionary, someone who achieved the pinnacle of medical science -- creating life. While to most humans, the story of Frankenstein is a moral lesson in egotism, Frankenstein the Medusan, it was something to aspire to. One of his goals is to one day create senient life from nothing, just like his fictional namesake.

Service History

As Frankenstein's entry into Starfleet was originally part of a special arrangement with the Medusans, he was given the honourary rank of Lieutenant. Starfleet has since made the rank official.

Service History
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238107.22 - 238212.08 Starbase 94
Medical Research Specialist
238212.08 - 239105.05 Medical Starbase 253
DS9style-lt teal.png
Lieutenant 239105.05 - Present USS Gemini

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