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Veqlargh Nej system Star  · I  · II  · Belt

It is in orbit of a class IV, type K8 (Orange) star called Veqlargh Nej. The other objects in this star system are

  • 1)a hot rock ball of a planet, it's orbit is approximately 53 million km, with a diameter of 6,534 km (4,084 miles).
  • 2)this planet was undergoing terraforming by the Ameone. It's orbit is approximately 114 million km, with a diameter of 13,326 km (8,329 miles).
  • 3)asteroid belt, it's orbit is approximately 194 to 207 million km

This star system is part of a cluster of 6 star systems just north of H'Atoria. Their are 3 medium stars in this group with this one being the farthest from H'Atoria, about 3.5 light years north west of it.


The Klingons named this cluster of stars after their word for Demons. Over 4 hundred years ago they discovered a race called the Ameone's that lived in this star cluster. They were a scientifically and technologically advanced race of peaceful artists, farmers and builders. They had colonies in all 6 star systems and had terraformed or were in the process of terriforming other planets within this cluster.

The Klingons took over, established military garrisons on every world and colony, cancelled the wasteful terraforming projects in favour of produceing factories devoted completely to the manufactory of military equipment. Installed curfews, strick laws and abolished the established government of ruling families, pristhood and builders guild.

For over 10 years the Klingons occupied this region with out a single incident of rebellion. Then suddenly over night they lost over 3/4 of the fleet guarding this region. Every single military garrison building was blown up. The Ameone's had constructed powerful explosives, smuggled them into, onto or near ever important Klingon military ship, base, building, etc. Then at the same time accross the entire 6 star cluster, BOOM, every explosive was activated at the same time.

What followed was the bloodiest war in Klingon history. A war they lost. The Ameone used suicide bombers, suicide attack craft, installed the largest space mine fields, flooding all the space around all 6 stars and the space between them. These mines were equiped with primative cloaking technology, sensor scrambleing technology and even with transporter technology that would transport the mine into contact with any object that got to close.

They had also installed weapons platforms on asteroids, moveing many into positions where they would be more effective.

The Klingons finally had to call off the war as any ship that tried to enter the cluster would be destroyed by either the mines or the weapon platforms. Any troops with in the cluster were lost. The Ameone refused to respond to any communications, in fact they increased the number of jambing devices to the point that no messages can be transmitted through or into this region of space.

In all the Klingons lost more than 23 million troops, 273 warships, 169 troop transports and over 100 freighters.