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Name: Cory Hall
Joined SB118: 239503.12
From: Colorado, USA
Writer ID: V239503TD0
User:CoryCodeRed/Trophy Case
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Lieutenant Junior Grade
He's gotta get his sim fix man...

About Me

Hello, my name is Cory, I am 29 years old and male. I currently live in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA.

I enjoy working out, martial arts, and MMA as well as psychology, physics, science fiction, and assorted interests connected to those things.

  • Favorite Trek series/movie: Voyager / Star Trek Generations

Some Top 5's

  • Sci-fi:Star Trek [1], Battlestar Galactica [2], Stargate (The movie) [3], Mars Attacks [4], all the Alien films [5].
  • Animated:Dragonball everything [6], Everything Studio Ghibli [7], MLP:FIM [8], Everything Hanna Barbera [9], Both the Avatar Series [10][11].

Ships Served On


The following is a list of a few of my creations, a full list of my content can be found here: User:CoryCodeRed/Catalog.



Unique Creations

OOC Activities

  • I am active in the forums, discord and on the wiki.
  • I am a member of the Newsies Team.