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In Real Life my name is Dan Tubbe, and I reside in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I have a wife and three wonderful children. I am a supply teacher for the local Catholic School board.

In the UFoP, however, I have many faces:

Primary Character

Emery Rhyn started as my fifth PNPC. Currently my new Primary, active on Andaris Task Force.

Cadet Steward
Badge 1.png
Captain's Citation
Badge 1.png
Featured Bio of StarBase 118
Badge 1.png
Excellence in Training
Badge 1.png
Top Sim Round Winner
Badge 1.png
118 Wiki Admin
Badge 1.png
118 Wiki Gnome
Badge 1.png
118 Wiki Wizard
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20th Annual Awards Attendee
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Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
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Halloween Avatar Contest Runner Up
Badge 1.png
Andaris Architect
Badge 1.png

Secondary Characters

Olin was my first attempt at a secondary character, but only lasted one mission
Yaren was my second attempt at a secondary character, but also only lasted one mission
Noah started as an NPC for Varaan, but once Atlantis had been temporarily decommissioned, I made Noah a secondary character and used him instead of Varaan while waiting for Atlantis to return. He has since returned to NPC status
Anson was my fourth secondary character, and the second which was a civilian
A.C. was my fifth secondary character, and the third civilian


Varaan was the first character (primary) I created for the UFoP, but is now a PNPC on DS26.
My first PNPC. Is currently inactive
My second PNPC. Retired 239306
My third PNPC. Currently stationed on the USS Darwin-A.
My fourth PNPC. Currently stationed at Deep Space 26.


Additionally, I am/was:

  • an Assistant Academy Director for UFoP's training program (former)
  • a sysop here on the 118wiki
  • the forum moderator for both the Paladin area and the Atlantis area (former)
  • a member of the Guild of Vulcans (Varaan)
  • a member of the Guild of Trills (Yaren) (former)
  • a member of the 118 Starfleet Corps of Engineers (Varaan, Hathaway)
  • Assistant World Creator (was part of a team that helped to actually create the world of Duronis II, where the Embassy group is located. Was responsible (in whole or in part) for creating the land masses, tectonic plates, time zones, etc.
    • also helped with naming/language (including naming the planet Til'ahn)
    • also helped develop the star system, Luxis system
  • Created the Par'tha Expanse
    • including all star systems, planets, governments, species, NPCs, history, etc, etc found there.
  • "extracurricular":


My pride and joy! (2007)
  • Name: Dan Tubbe
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 6th January 1973
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Location: Kitchener, Ontario
  • Country: Canada
  • Nearest Major City: Toronto
  • Occupation: Supply Teacher
  • Main Language: English (Canadian)
  • Other Languages: some French
Abby, Alex & Julia (2014)
  • Religion: Lutheran (Protestant)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian Canadian
  • Weight: roughly 160 lbs
  • Eye Colour: blue-grey
  • Hair Colour: Dark brown
  • Spouse: Lori
    • Anniversary: August 12, 2006
  • Children:
    • First: Abigail Jordan (DOB: 2007)
    • Second: Alexander Daniel (DOB: 2007)
    • Third: Julia Lindsay (DOB: 2010)

Joined group: 17 January 2002 (First Post)
Command Practical & Written Exams: Passed Sept. 2004 (25/25 and 89/100, for an aggregate score of 94.5 % overall)


Favourite Author: Robert Jordan, Anne McCaffery, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Favourite Classical music piece: anything by Tchaikovsky
Favourite Musical Artist: John Williams
Favourite Day of the week: Saturday
Favourite Food: Lasagna
Favourite Sport: Baseball (Go Jays!)
Favourite Location: In front of the computer, my nose in a book, or on the ball diamond
Favourite Musical Group: ummmm....I don't have A favourite
Favourite Poem: It's got to be Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
Favourite Season: Summer
Favourite Star Trek series: would have to be Voyager