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Crew of the USS Atlantis

Garn portrait web.jpg

Lieutenant JG Olin Garn


  • Current Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
  • Duty Post: Helm Officer
  • Current Vessel: USS Atlantis
    • Date Assigned: 238305.02
  • Species: Centauran
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 234508.26
  • Place of Birth: Tarola'n, Alpha Centauri IV


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 1.78 m

Family History

  • Mother: Kilana Lorell
  • Father: Thalio Garn
  • Siblings: Holat (older brother), Sirelle (younger sister), Miran (younger sister)
  • Spouse: Ashton Clements (deceased)
  • Children: Clarissa (daughter)

Personal History

Olin Garn comes from a fairly prestigious family. His grandfather started Lorell Shipping, which is now a multimillion-credit corporation based in the Alpha Centauri system. When Olin was old enough his grandfather put him to work in the company as an intrasystem shuttle pilot, running small cargos from one planet in the system to another. This was where Thalen discovered his mechanical aptitude, when he had to jury-rig the shuttles engines in deep space after they failed on him. Soon his grandfather had him fixing shuttles instead of flying them. Eventually Olin applied to the Starfleet Enlisted program and was accepted. He chose operations as his field of expertise and excelled in his studies. He pulled his first tour of duty at Earth Station McKinley, where he was helping to refit starships. Appropriately, his second tour was spent at Utopia Planitia, before being reassigned to the USS Arizona.

During his tour at Earth Station McKinley, he met and married a human female named Ashton Clements. They soon had a daughter, and named her Clarissa. She lived with her mother on Earth while Olin worked for Starfleet. After a few years Olin's aspirations changed, and he applied and was accepted to the Officer Training Program, eventually graduating as an Ensign. However, days after graduation they were on a family camping trip when Ashton was seriously injured in an accident. Unfortunately she died due to complications during the surgery. Grief-stricken, Olin voluntarily placed himself on reserve status with Starfleet, effectively retiring him.

Olin and Clarissa, then 6, moved to Alpha Centauri IV to be closer to his family. They lived there for three years before Olin received word from his good friend Mike Weller, asking for his assistance and a return to Starfleet. Olin loves his daughter very much but did not think he could raise a small child on board a starship, so he placed Clarissa in the care of his parents on Alpha Centauri.

Professional History

  • 236309-Entered SF Enlisted program
  • 236406-stationed at Earth Station McKinley
  • 236704-transfer to Utopia Planitia
  • 237103-entered SF Officer Training Qualification program
  • 237109-enrolled SF Academy
  • 237607-assigned to USS Arizona
  • 237705-placed on SF Reserve roster
  • 238009.02-reactivated; assigned to USS Massassi
  • 238012.12-tortured by Grintari terrorists; placed in medical stasis for transfer to nearest SF Medical facility
  • 238101.04-started rehabilitation regime at Starbase 343
  • 238110.15-cleared medically; reassigned to USS Kohlindra on RNZ patrol (helm officer)
  • 238204.25-transferred to USS Atlantis (helm officer)
  • 238305.02-transferred to USS Steadfast-A (helm officer)
  • 238402.10-transferred to Deep Space 26
  • 239110.26-transferred to USS Atlantis (helm officer)

Rank Promotions

  • Ensign: 238009.02
  • Lieutenant (jg): 239006.24


  • This was a secondary character for Varaan, now strictly a PNPC.