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I've changed a link slightly... the link to Cara's page is as you typed but I've changed it to show the link as it used to be but send to the page you corrected it to, if that makes sense? Have a look, hope that's better :) If you don't like then change it back. - Lt.JG Salak; Chief Engineer, USS Independence 04:45, 27 July 2006 (CDT)

Yes that's fine, thanks, just thought it might be more correct to put it as that, though it looks nicer the right way round. Estantia 09:52, 4 August 2006 (CDT)

any idea why my comment on another page was signed Estnatia? Estantia 14:53, 11 August 2006 (CDT)

Where? - Lt.JG Salak 20:40, 11 August 2006 (CDT)


Template:CaraMaria. Set it up early this morning (Saturday). If you like, add to a page by typing {{CaraMaria}} - Lt.JG Salak 21:47, 11 August 2006 (CDT)

How can I add bit to it? say the idependence part? also, are medical and science blue/green? Estantia 10:26, 12 August 2006 (CDT)

Medical/Science is Blue, I think the shade is teal. Like I said on IM, if you want to add anything then I'll talk you through or alternatively I can fix it if it goes wrong. Given my likely absence for the next week or so though, don't expect me to be able to fix it soon. - Lt.JG Salak 18:30, 17 August 2006 (CDT)


Please remember to add NPC's (such as Cheeky & Tholos) to the vessels NPC listing page. Thanks - Lt.JG SalakUSS IndependenceTalk 11:57, 25 November 2006 (CST)