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Name: Lizzie Jones
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 19th February 1989
Sun Sign: Pisces/Aquarius, timings disagree.
Location: Near Cambridge, Cambs
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Nation: England Note: England and the UK are NOT the same thing...
Nearest Major City: Cambridge, Cambs
Occupation: Student
Main Language: English (British English)
Other Languages: Spanish. Small parts of french, german, latin, greek.
Religion: None, or at least none I know of...
Ethnicity: White British
Weight: I don't know, I don't want to!
Eye Colour: Hazel (colour percentage varies)
Hair Colour: Dark brown

Joined group: December 2005 (25th actually)

OOC Blog: Estantia (LiveJournal) You'll only see some unless you have an account and are on my friends list


Favourite Author: Diana Wynne Jones/Tamora Pierce/Terry Pratchett and of course my mum Jan Jones
Favourite music style: Erm... I don't have one as such, but I seem to like Pop rock at the moment...
Favourite Day of the week: Sunday
Favourite Food: Most!
Favourite Sport: Swimming or badminton, as well as dancing, what? Dancing is a sport!
Favourite Location: A footpath opposite my house in spring.
Favourite Musical Group: Too many to count, let's go with Crush 40.
Favourite Poem: I can't say one of my own so The moon and the yew tree and Wuthering heights by Sylvia Plath.
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Game: Ooh, hard choice, I like most RPG's... Let's say four swords, setting fire to your friends is fun!
Favourite Star Trek series: I quite like the sound of DS9, I'm not attached to DS17, honest... *innocent*

Main Characters I Play

My NPC's

  • Crew
    • T'Raene Ensign in Medical, Ronin
    • Cheeky Civilian computer security expert, Terran
    • Tholos Civilian Scientist, Andorian
    • Aeola FTU HCO/Engineering officer, Avian
    • Flynn, Martin Ensign in Engineering, DS17