Under a Black Flag (Drake)

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The crew of the Drake is assigned to investigate increasingly bold and deadly attacks by pirates in and around the nebula known as The Vale of Saoirse (SEER-sha). The Vale, which also includes a seven-planet star system, is located in the Epsilon Sector (specifically the Arucanis Arm of the Epsilon Sector) and has for decades been a hub for enterprises of questionable legality and individuals of flexible morality. Somewhere within the Vale lies the home base of a pirate organization that has been preying upon anyone and everyone, depending on their mood. Precious little is known about the pirates, as they Vale is outside Federation space. Despite their base of operations being outside the Federation, these pirates have become increasingly active inside Federation borders and their attacks have become ever more brutal. The pirates have become such a power in the Vale that have driven out the Orion Syndicates.


Federation Security – aka FedSec – has received information that points to the pirates of the Vale planning a very large strike against a civilian target within the Federation. The target itself is unknown, as is the exact nature of the attack – but FedSec does know with absolute certainty that the attack will take place in exactly 72 hours. Due to the imminent attack, Starfleet has opened up its resources to FedSec in the form of the Drake’s crew.


Pirates aren’t stupid. A Starfleet vessel patrolling the Vale would stick out like a sore thumb. In order to pursue their investigation without being so painfully obvious, the Drake crew is split into two groups -- the first, led by Captain William Rogers, goes undercover aboard the Calico Jack, captained by a smuggler named Juhani M'Reen Sesse Rorruu (established PNPC of Whale); the second, led by Lieutenant Colonel David Whale, joins Priest (established PNPC of Weston) and the Black Sheep aboard Leviathan.


We have several goals of significance that we must reach if our mission is to be a success and we are to prevent the attack on Federation citizens.

  • Discover the exact nature of the pirates’ “business” and crimes in the hopes of piecing together their plans and discovering their target;
  • Find the staging ground of the impending attack, which will likely also be the pirates’ main base of operations;
  • Gather indictable evidence that will allow FedSec to prosecute the pirates;
  • Prevent the planned attack against Federation citizens.


In addition to the Calico Jack and the Leviathan, there will be a third vessel. This will be a runabout-type vessel operated by FedSec in which a FedSec inspector will, along with Lieutenant Commander Weston, serve as an operations coordinator between the two groups. They will be the “voice in our ears,” feeding us new intel as it becomes available and linking together the clues that we are able to find. This ship will be equipped with a cloaking device to prevent its detection.


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The system officially designated RB4037 contains seven planets, only two of which are habitable. However, the system also includes a moon which has become known as Port Royale. Port Royale is smugglers moon. It is honeycombed with caverns and catacombs, some of which serve as habitat and commerce areas, while some are large enough to serve as transit and docking areas for modest-sized vessels.

The Shallows

The least-turbulent and most easily navigable area of the Vale, The Shallows is home to essentially nothing. It is simply a nice quiet area ships can use as a rest-stop of sorts to effect repairs or adjust mechanicals before entering the Vale or before embarking on another voyage.

The Sargasso Sea

Taking its name from the Sargsso Sea of Earth, this is an area of the Vale all ships try to avoid. An energy field exists here that drains power at an alarming rate. As a result, it has become a ship graveyard of sorts, home to severla derelict vessels who became mired in its embrace.

The Vallan Apex

Thunderhead Reach

The Neomoran Apex