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[[Category:USS Thunder-A|*]]
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“Only the bold can tread on the path of freedom.”

Jaxon Mc Ghee, Chief Engineer, USS Thunder

The USS Thunder, NCC 70605-A, is an Akira class starship, currently under the command of Rear Admiral Toni Turner. The second vessel to bear the prestigious name, the Thunder-A was launched as a replacement for the original USS Thunder, a Cheyenne light support cruiser lost in an orbital battle while defending Duronis II during the Klingon Invasion of 2389.

In light of this unprovoked Klingon invasion of a nonmember world, Rear Admiral Toni Turner request for a more blunt response against possible future attacks was respected and a up-rated Akira class was commissioned to replace the recently lost USS-Thunder.

USS Thunder - NCC 070605-A


  • Name: USS Thunder
  • Registry: NCC- 70605-A
  • Class: Akira
  • Commission: Rear Admiral Toni Turner
  • Category: Heavy Cruiser
  • Strength Index: 1,493
  • Motto: “Only the bold can tread on the path of freedom.” - Jaxon Mc Ghee
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 87.43 Metres
    • Width: 316.67 Metres
    • Length: 464.43 Metres
    • Number of Decks: 19
  • Crew
    • Complement: 500
    • Officers: 125
    • Enlisted: 375
    • Civilians: permitted
    • Civilian Families: Not permitted
    • Evacuation Capacity: maximum limit 4500
  • Engineering
    • Warp Engines: Two 920 LF-45 Advanced Linear
    • Impulse Engines: engine type, i.e.- One FIG-7 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units
    • Computer System: LCARS, M-16 Bio-Neural Gelpack
    • Impulse Engines: Two U920 FIG-4 Subatomic Unified
    • Standard shield system: total capacity 1,876,500 TeraJoules
    • Warp Engines: Two 920 LF-45 Advanced Linear
    • Speed
      • Cruising: Warp 6
      • Maximum: Warp 9.8
    • Expected Hull Duration: 80 Years
      • Minor Refit Cycle: 1 Years
      • Major Refit Cycle: 20 Years

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