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The USS Thunder A's layout is comprised of 22 Decks in total. The decks in the katamaraned secondary hull are labeled A through D, while the primary hull holds the remaining 18.

Deck A

Deck B

Deck C

Deck D

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Deck 4

Deck 5

Deck 6

Deck 7

Deck 8

  • Primary Computer Core
  • Flight Operations Armory
  • Fighter Maintenance Hangar and Storage

Deck 9

  • Fore and Aft Torpedo Bay Control
  • Torpedo Magazine and Manufacturing Area - This restricted area on deck 9 is for storing unarmed photon torpedoes, quantum torpedoes (if the mission dictates), and science probes I - VI (VII - X if mission dictates). Also stored here are the components for manufacturing new photon torpedo as well as the equipment to put it all together. This room is also accessed by the loading mechanism for the torpedo launchers.
  • Shuttle and Fighter Hangar Elevator Support Systems
  • Primary Shield Generators

Deck 10

  • Transporter Rooms 1 and 2
  • Shuttle and Fighter Preparation Pre-Flight Bay
  • Emergency Shield Generators 3-4

Deck 11

  • Primary Machine Shop
  • Primary Maintenance Support Center
  • Flight Deck (Fore and Aft access via deck 12)

Deck 12

  • Primary Systems Support Compartments
  • Flight Deck (Fore and Aft Access)

Deck 13

Deck 14

Deck 15

  • Main Engineering
  • Transporter Rooms 3 and 4
    • Chief Engineer's Office
  • Fusion Power Generators 4-6
  • Flight Operations Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters
  • Armory
  • Brig
  • Security Office
  • Strategic Operations Office - The Strategic Operations Officer's Office is located on Deck 15 next to the Security Chief's Office to facilitate the sharing of information and coordination of personnel. The Strategic Operations Officer is responsible for coordinating the activities of Security and Marines for the Embassy.
  • Chief Tactical Officer's Office - The Chief Tactical Officer's Office is located on Deck 15 located near the Chief of Security and Strategic Operations offices.

Deck 16

  • Lower Engineering
  • Deflector Control
  • Main Tractor Beam Control and Emitter
  • Environmental Control
  • Hydroponics Bay
  • Secondary Computer Core
  • Space Wing Briefing Room
  • Null-G Gymnasium/Weight Room

Deck 17

  • Tertiary Maintenance Support Center
  • Emergency Power Generators 7-9
  • Secondary Systems Support

Deck 18

  • Environmental Control
  • Deuterium Storage
  • Anti-matter Storage Pods
  • Gravimetric Polaron Generators
  • Secondary Shield Generators

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