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The Science Department on the USS Athena is a complex assortment of labs, gardens, and offices spread throughout the ship.

Main Science Lab

Main Science Lab (click to enlarge)

The core of the Science Department is a suite of offices and laboratories located on Deck 20. The office of the Chief of Science is located here. Many ranking science officers have labs and offices in this complex.

Chief of Science

There is no current Chief of Science on the Athena and the ranking officers have formed a sort of council to make decisions and keep the department moving.

Stellar Cartography

Stellar Cartography, also known as Astrometrics, involves charting the stellar bodies, such as stars and nebulas. This work is especially important in the Gamma Quadrant, where much is unexplored by the Federation. Astrogation is a branch of this specialty, focusing on navigation and plotting routes through the charted space. There are two labs devoted to Astrometrics; the larger Stellar Cartography lab in the main complex and a secondary lab on Deck 26.

Stellar Cartography (click to enlarge)
Science Labs (click to enlarge)

Science Labs

While science officers often move from lab to lab depending on assignment and rank, there are a few labs that are assigned to specific specialties. Some, such as Astrogation and Research and Development, are used by other departments as well.

  • Astrometrics - Decks 20 and 26
  • Astrogation - Deck 32
  • Research and Development - Deck 37
  • Life Sciences - Deck 39

There are ten general labs that can be modified to suit different disciplines. Labs 1-5 are located on Deck 20, and 6-10 on Deck 26.


All the gardens on the Athena fall under the Science Department. They serve a variety of uses, from generating extra oxygen to providing aesthetic relief to the crew.

Image Deck Description
Arboretum (click to enlarge)
Deck 4 The main Arboretum is located on Deck 4.
Botanical Gardens (click to enlarge)
Deck 12 The Botanical Gardens, where specimens from across the Galaxy are gathered to be studied and admired.
Arboretum II (click to enlarge)
Deck 33 A second Arboretum is located on Deck 33. This one is more easily accessible by the civilian contingent of the Athena.
Hydroponics (click to enlarge)
Deck 33 The Hydroponics and Aeroponics gardens are both research labs and an extra source of food for the Athena. Though these gardens couldn't possibly supply enough food for the whole crew, the addition of occasional fresh produce is a luxury to people who's diet is largly replicated.
Aeroponics (click to enlarge)
Deck 39

Civilian Connection

There are two Science Education Centers on the Athena, located on Decks 41 and 42. These are classrooms and small labs where civilians, enlisted personnel, and non-departmental officers who are interested in Science can extend their learning. Most of the education is done via Holonet classes and computer.