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The Shoals
Tristam Core

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    • Gamighan Core (father)
    • Meredyn Tjaent Core {mother, deceased)
    • Taywor Core (brother)
        • Samual Core (nephew)
    • Neekee Toszim Tjaent (grandmother)

Medical records
Professional history
Log entries
Dot-point overview

Medical records for Tristam Core.

Doctor's Assessment

Sickbay Log

  • 238510.11: Treated for minor burns on left hand.
  • 238511.13: Treated for minor burns on right hand.
  • 238610.25: Check up. No ongoing medical problems to note.
  • 238708.01: Explosion in the USS Pioneer's Main Engineering. Core's head impacts with a bulkhead, crushing his skull and causing damage to his brain. His left leg is also pinned underneath rubble.
    • It takes medical staff up to twelve hours to ensure he does not go into a state of brain death.
    • Is transferred to a medical facility as soon as he was in a stable condition.
  • 238708.02: Core's telepathic lobe is deemed irreparable. Doctors begin repairing the damage to Core's left leg - his knee requires a total reconstruction.
  • 238708.08: Core awakes after several bouts of surgery, begins rehabilitation and is given 12 months medical leave of absence.
    • Is required to attend regular counseling sessions. Continues these willingly throughout his leave.
  • 238905.12: Attends physical aboard Deep Space 17.
  • 239109.23: Awakens in USS Garudas Sick Bay after a heavy mission aboard the USS Mercury. He is treated for a scapula and clavicle fractures, and head trauma.
  • 239202.02: Develops Rodulan stomach flu. Is given a low-level pain medication to ease abdominal pain.
  • 239203.24: Admitted to Sick Bay after two weeks spent 10000 years in the past on Peppalexa. Though there are no major issues with Core's health, he mentions that he has been having trouble speaking in full sentences (e.g. will skip words without noticing, is unable to produce certain words when attempting to speak full sentences). He is asked to return to Sick Bay for a follow-up.
  • 239205.14: Treated for minor head injuries. Nurse makes note that Core's verbal communication skills have decreased significantly.
  • 239206.17: Admitted to Astrofori One emergency care with several other officers as a kidnap victim. Treated for burns on both palms (result of a significant electric shock), and is placed under observation for 24 hours due to inhalation of an unidentified gas. It's noted that his verbal ability is still in decline.
  • 239206.26: LtCmdr Roshanara Rahman relieves Core of duty and he is placed on a medical leave of absence due to his (lack of) ability to communicate.
  • 239207.09: Is called into Sick Bay for his follow-up appointment. LtCmdr Chythar Skyfire asks Core to consider using a telepathic inhibitor under the belief that Core's brain is repairing the damage to his telepathic lobe (which is interfering with speech production). Core declines for reasons he could not convey, though submits to a neural scan.
  • 239212.28: Treated for deep gash on left shoulder, broken fifth finger on left hand, and microfracture in reconstructed knee repaired.

Psychological Profile

Telepathic Status


Though a tad spiked in capability, Core is classified under a typical Rodulan rating. He had lost all telepathic ability after severely damaging his telepathic lobe in an explosion on board the USS Pioneer, though through healing (and initially loss of speech capability) he seems to have made a full recovery five years later. He claims to struggle with control, especially when tired or groggy, though has had no notable or reported incidents with his crew or civilians of any kind. As a Rodulan, he is non-readable.