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Planet Rodul
System Basul Rodul
Region The Western Gate, Tikan
General Information
Constructed 2120
Destroyed n/a
Builder Joint Tikani, Krzexxi, Attraxan project
Points of interest Bromivitch University
Primary Construction Materials Eco-friendly, sustainable materials
Societal Information
Population 500,000
Affiliation Neutral
Predominant Species Rodulans

Myiron is a city located on the Rodulan home planet. It utilizes green technologies and construction materials, set out in circular rings[1] - the central business district occupying the center, residential areas surrounding it. Agricultural areas surround the outer rim. It is home to the Rodulan's first warp-capable starship, on display at Bromivitch University of Rodul.

In addition, Myiron is home to some of Rodul's most advanced technology[2] - a factor some Rodulans would find fitting, as the city is quite young in comparison to other Rodulan locations.


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