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Cart'hen system Star  · I  · II  · III  · Belt  · IV

The smallest of the cities on the surface of Cart'hen III, it was built within the depression created by the Klingons strip mining efforts. A smaller depression it is only about 1/2 a km wide and 180 feet deep. Just over 2/3rds of the city is below ground.

The youngest of the cities, it is also the only one laid out in anything even closely resembleing order. Part of that may be becouse the city has been governed right from the start by only 3 factions. These 3 factions have never had a falling out and work well together.

That is not to say that the city is clean or modern looking. The building are still constructed of native materials for the most part. Over 90% are only 1 level tall, but it is easy to tell the 3 districts apart.

The first district in houseing, the second is commercial and the third is mining. These 3 divisions match with the 3 factions. The Cril'ik Mining Company controls all the mining interests and facilities. The People is the next faction, a group representing the mine workers, almost like a union. They work with the mining company to ensure that the workers have decent wages and living conditions. A large part of this work force are native's to Cart'hen III.

The last faction is that of Mom. An elderly Orion female who has a controling interest in every business with in the commercial sector as well as the Cril'ik mining company and the union. She also owns or controls every nightclub, gambling facility, entertainment venue and the entire red light district.

She makes sure that everyone pays on time, that their are no independent criminal activites not sanctioned by her working with in her city. She controls the police, mine guards and her own fairly large army of thugs.