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Hello! My name is Zephyr and I write for a lot of characters.

I also have a small army of NPCs.

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  • Name: Zephyr
  • Discovered: February 1, 2013 (239002.01)
  • Graduated: February 17, 2013 (239002.17)
  • Writer Serial #: O239002CS0

Originally from California, resident of Washington since April 2009. Playing Starbase 118 since 239002.17.

So, Zephyr: what do you do when you aren't stalking the wiki changes or playing Starbase 118?
Good question. I'm a LARPer. I play in Legacies which is a high fantasy, plot driven game. I'm also an amateur chain mail artist, web designer, and code monkey in PHP, JavaScript and JQuery.

I'm also a wiki code monger and amateur chainmail geek. I make things, and am one of the people behind the concept of the template for psychological records. I'm not a maker of templates, just help think of them.


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