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Theta VII is a member of the United Federation of Planets.

Theta System

  • Quadrant: Beta Quadrant
  • Location: 2.09N 3.05E[1]
  • Proper Name: Theta Gamma System[2]
  • Star: Theta Gamma
  • Type: B
  • Distance from Star: 7th Planet (8,000 AU)
  • Companions: 11 Planets

World Details

Rendering of Theta VII, overlooking an agricultural facility with the spaceport and city in the background.
  • Proper Name: Theta VII
  • Demonym: Thetan
  • Gravity: 0.97 g
  • Orbital Period: 414 standard days
  • Rotational Period: 22 hours
  • Satellites: 1 ("Saxum")
  • Classification: M (terraformed)
    • Surface Water: 68%, primarily in freshwater and glacial-fed lakes (terraformed)
    • Atmosphere: 77% nitrogen, 21.5% oxygen, other trace elements (terraformed)
    • Climate: Cool, similar to higher-latitude Earth locations
    • Population: 459,4066 (2398 census data)

History & Events

Theta VII is among the older "Frontier Colony Worlds" of the United Federation of Planets, originally colonized as a mining settlement to extract valuable minerals and ores from the planet's rich crust. Located on the Seventh Planet within the Theta System, the planet would quickly find a secondary purpose as a spaceport where ships could dock for rest, repair, and replenishment. As such, the population on Theta VII quickly 'exploded' and a bustling town sprung up to service the space port and existing mining facilities.

Over time, the world would continue to grow in population, eventually warranting a terraforming project to convert the planet's surface into a more habitable and familiar environment. Given many of the miners' origins on Earth, the terraforming project sought to recreate the feel of that world, with many native Earth plant and animal species introduced to create a stable ecosystem.

In 2268, a disease caused a medical emergency here and vaccines were desperately needed. The USS Yorktown transported these vaccines and transferred them to the USS Enterprise, which then transported them to the colony. (TOS: Obsession)

Eventually, the planet became self-sufficient enough for an elected government to declare it a world unto itself (no longer a Federation Colony) and petition for Federation Membership Status.

Geography & Climate

Initially, a fairly dry and rocky world, once Theta VII's mining community grew sizable enough, a terraforming project was undertaken to convert the planet's surface into one that was more Earth-like, given the high percentage of workers initially from that world. The planet is now quite close to Earth in its atmospheric make-up, surface water (though much of this exists in freshwater and glacial-fed lakes rather than saltwater oceans), and flora. Some complimentary animal species have also been introduced to help stabilize the ecosystem.

The climate is fairly stable and, due to its slightly-shorter day, the world is overall 'cooler' than Earth, prompting much of the planet's agricultural facilities to involve greenhouse-based planting and hydroponics rather than typical outdoor field systems.

The planet's denser, heavier, mineral makeup means that its gravitional pull is similar to Earth's (0.97 g) despite being somewhat smaller in size. Much of the planet's surface has not been colonized or inhabited.


Theta VII's population initially lived close to significant mining sites. As the colony world expanded, additional sites were selected for agricultural value to support the mining community. Eventually, when a spaceport was established, additional infrastructure projects were conducted to improve connectivity between locations on the planet's surface, allowing for additional spread.

  • Mines
  • Farms
  • Spaceport

Named Locations

  • Capital City: Port Hibbing[3]
  • Paydirt Saloon[4]
  • Cochrane Community Center[5]

Culture & Trivia

Theta VII, along with several other frontier worlds, participated in a local interstellar baseball league. The local team was the Theta Spacers[6]. They played regularly against teams such as the Argelian Pacifists[7].

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