The Dream Master (Doyle-A)

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Mission Began: 239304.25
Mission Complete: 239306.07

People of Note

  • Lucky - The Town drunk.
  • The Scorpion - Leader of the Mexican Gang, Los Parasitos.

Notable Information

Mission Synopsis

Not realizing who they were, the crew of the USS Doyle-A awoke on a bright, cold morning in the earth old west unaware of their former identity. Living in the town of Reverie Rock, the idea of a starship is just the thinnest whisper in the back of their minds. The bright morning saw Mayor Selene Faranfey getting ready for a busy day as there were rumors that the local cattle baron, John Nugra was on his way in to town to deal with the arrests of some of his hired hands.

Things seem to be going smoothly with their life even with the arrival of the cattle baron, but the day takes a turn for the worse whe bandits from the Los Parisitos ride in to town followed by a bad rainstorm. They are demanding the to see the local town drunk for reasons that nobody knows.