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Dominic Gray , a Terran, was at one time a Science Officer aboard the USS Avandar. He is now suspected of being involved with corporate conglomerate The Consortium, whose activities are currently under investigation.




Dominic Gray

Most Wanted
  • Full Name: Dominic Gray
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 235206.20
  • Place of Birth: Montana, Earth
  • Age: 45
  • Gender: Male
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): None Diagnosed
  • Height: 5'9
  • Hair Color and style: Near Black with flecks of grey.
  • Eye Color: Dark Blue/Grey
  • Distinguishing features: On his right arm he has a smallish scar left over from a chemical experiment gone wrong.

  • Body language: Dominant/aggressive. E.g Powerful, lengthy handshakes. Invasion of personal space and use of eye and body contact.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Comfortable, casual and warm. Jeans, Jumpers, boots etc.
  • Speech: Charming and friendly for the most part. Is very careful, thoughtful about what he says.
  • Handedness: Right


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Gareth Gray, Oceonographer and Science Officer for StarFleet
    • Mother: Pauline Gray, Secretary
  • Siblings: None


  1. 237908.28: Graduated from the University of Toronto with a PHD in xenobiology and genetics.
  2. 2379 - 2383: Worked with a private company specialising in comparative xenobiology, became an expert in the physiology of all major and most minor species, especially in the differences in physiology.
  3. 238301.02: Joined Starfleet Academy.
  4. 238707.15: Began a cadet cruise.
  5. 238801.03: Graduated from Starfleet Academy on 238801.03 with a science major in biological, chemical technology.
  6. 238802.09: Assigned to the USS Aurora as a science Officer.
  7. 238910.23: Attended a controversial lecture held by Dr Victor Richardson on the history and future of genetic research.
  8. 238911.18: Suspect of attempted murder of Cris Davies. Guilt was never proven and the outcome ruled the incident to be accidental.
  9. 239002.30: Resigned from Starfleet. Highest rank achieved was Ensign. He went back into private employment.


Statements about Dominic Gray from various individuals who crossed paths with the man.

“You could hear him through the walls and I'm talking about 'real walls', not the flimsy cardboard these modern houses are built with. When he kicked off, the whole street knew about it. All kids like getting their own way, yeah? But Dominic was more aggressive than average when things weren't going his way. I sure hope a little life's experience has cooled those fires some. Despite what he may believe, the universe does not revolve around him.”

Annie Cunningham, neighbour.

“He has no particular religious or spiritual beliefs but if there's anything that man believes in it's himself.”

Father Ted Dreary

“Dominic came to our attention because he seemed to have difficulty empathising with others. As we worked with him we found he always enjoyed pursuits of the mind. He seemed to grow bored easily and required a lot of stimulation, as a result he has a natural affinity for puzzle and strategy games. He enjoyed traditional and modern table-top, board and model army strategy games. He also liked to take table top puzzle games down to the recreation room from time to time, if he could find someone to play against. He preferred to play against other people rather than the computer as he seemed to enjoy the social aspect as much as the game itself. Some of his favourites included Dominoes, Scrabble, 3D-Chess although he was always willing to try something new. He also enjoyed reading and although he mainly read factual articles and texts that furthered his scientific understanding he was known to enjoy a good thriller, crime or horror story too. He had a particular interest in certain specialist subjects that tend to raise eyebrows in certain circles, which we had to discourage. He enjoyed hunting down and acquiring some hard-to-get texts in these subjects and while we always confiscated any we found. Though it did seem his interest in these dangerous areas dropped, some of the other teachers feared he simply got better at hiding them in time.”

Sandi Wood, Social Development Key Worker, Edarloch Boarding School

“I lived with this guy a full year and knew no more about him by the end of it than I did at the start - except perhaps that he snores really badly when he has the flu. The only reason I remember him at all was because about half way through the semester I was drunk and rummaging through his cupboard thinking it was mine. I found this book tucked right at the back out of sight, "Fifty ways to..." well let's say remove a person's organs without killing them. He walked in on me and for a split second, he seemed absolutely furious. I thought he might string me up with my own guts but instead he just... laughed it off. Told me about how it was merely a joke, given to him by an old friend poking fun at his interest in physiology. Said he liked to keep it around just as a reminder of his friend. He invited me to read it, assuring me there was no basis in realism for any it and we laughed about how it was the only sentimental thing I'd ever seen him with. I never did learn that friends name.”

Cody Addams, roommates with Dominic during year three at Starfleet Academy

“Gray liked to exercise his mind as much as his body. He wasn't much of a team player even when playing a team based sport. He enjoyed equestrian pursuits such as horse racing, polo and show jumping in the holodeck as well as other country pursuits like shooting or hunting. Although he wasn't a hardcore climber we enjoyed many walks in the countryside. Sometimes when we were feeling more adventurous we might go swimming or diving. Dominic always seemed fearless and prepared to try anything, well... if he thinks it will further his goals anyway.”

Pam Hamelton, member of the same Academy Polo team and friend

“Mr Gray is well educated, intelligent and is doing exceptionally well academically. He is a very smooth operator and certainly does not lack confidence and is very precise about all that he does. So precise in fact that one could call into question how much of his true personality we have seen and how much is a veneer. He knows what is expected of him and how to behave in a given situation but small clues in the things he says leaves me in a bit of a doubt. I believe he will make a fine scientist but I would recommend that the counsellor serving on the ship he is posted keep a close watch on him and make a point of getting to find out who the real Mr Gray is.”

Dr Samuel, Counsellor, Starbase 118 branch Starfleet Academy

“Graduating with a science major - I know that was one of his proudest achievements. I've rarely seen him as happy as he was the day he graduated. People say he can be distant, cold or insincere. If had seen him then they would see what I do - a confident, friendly, charming man who has come into his own.”

Gareth Gray, father, Oceanographer and Science Officer for Starfleet