Tenna Emond

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USS Thor
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Tenna Emond
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species El-Aurian
Gender Female
DOB 229407.27
Age 103
Birthplace Refugee vessel

Tenna Emond is an El-Aurian officer of the Federation Starfleet. She is middle-aged by El-Aurian standards, and has had several different careers and experiences. She was 97 years old when she entered Starfleet Academy, and was commissioned as an officer in 2396. As a scientist, she's most interested in chemistry, but she is roundly trained as a science officer and can serve in whatever capacity is needed.


  • Height: 178 cm (5 ft, 10 in)
  • Weight: 91 kg (200 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Length of Hair: Long, typically pulled back in a bun
  • Eye Colour: Dark brown
  • Skin Tone: Chestnut
  • Voice: Certain, confident, and cheerful (her "three Cs")
  • Handedness: Right


Tenna's pre-Starfleet history is varied and long, though she will talk easily about it if given the chance. Indeed, she enjoys sharing her past with others, especially when there's some commonalities -- and given that she's done plenty, there usually is.

She has very little Starfleet history, since she only received her commission at the end of 2396. She served briefly on Starbase 182 before she was assigned to the Thor as a science officer.