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This template creates a heading style that uses a thin colored line specified by the user. It is an alternative to Template:Section and Template:Header.

Note about colors

This template translates the standard color names for the divisions to the colors we use on the wiki. Thus Red, Gold, Blue, Teal, Violet, Black, Silver, and Green are not necessarily the same as their true html color name. Any other html color name or HEX code will be shown as entered.

To get around the preset color names above, use Template:LCARS Section Heading or use the raw HEX code (for instance, use #FF0000 to get this red rather than using "Red" to get this red. Consult this table for reference.


{{Heading|Name of Heading|Blue}}

Name of Heading

Clearing a Section

You can also add a
before the heading so that a thumbnail or sidebar will be displayed completely above it by adding "clear" to the end :

{{Heading|Name of Heading|Color|clear}}



Changing alignment of text

You can now have the subheading text appear on the center or right by adding ALIGN=center or ALIGN=right.

{{SubHeading|USS Enterprise|Red|ALIGN=center}}

USS Enterprise

{{SubHeading|Starfleet Medical|Teal|ALIGN=right}}

Starfleet Medical