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Makes thick lined headers.

{{header|Line color|Header Title}}


{{header|steelblue|Life as a Science Officer}}

Life as a Science Officer

{{header|#5C5CAD|Welcome to StarBase 118}}

Welcome to StarBase 118

By default, the header will not cause a complete line break next to a floating object such as an image:

Hi, Cap'n!

Notice how Trip is right next to this header?

This is useful when you don't want a massive gap between sections of your page because of a sidebar/nav or whatever that's floating next to your text.

But what happens if you DO want a clean line break?

If you add an extra "clear" parameter to the header, it will force a full line break before the header.

{{header|maroon|Now this header is below the image!|clear}}
That's a neat trick, Cap'n!

Now this header is below the image!

How about headers that don't go all the way across the page?

If you want to limit the width of your header, use Template:HeaderX to get something like this:

400px Header

Happy Wiki Editing! –Rich(talk page) aka Lt.Cmdr. Rahman