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Ensign Suvek currently serves in the science department of the USS Drake.


  • Full Name – Suvek (Family name not unpronounceable in English)
  • Date of Birth (Age) – 2346 (42)
  • SpeciesVulcan
  • Gender – Male
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eye Color – Green
  • Height – 6'2


  • Parents – Sukat (father) and T'Par (mother)
  • Siblings – None
  • Spouse – T'Pela
  • Children – Surek (male) and T'Ren (female)


  • 2346 – Suvek is born on Vulcan to parents Sukat and T'Par
  • 2366 – Suvek begins instruction and subsequent study at the Vulcan Science Academy
  • 2376 – Suvek serves as a science officer on board the Vulcan science vessel Ni'Raas
  • 2380 – Suvek returns to the Vulcan Science Academy to teach
  • 2381 – Suvek is married to his spouse T'Pela
  • 2386 – Suvek begins the accelerated 2 year Vulcan training program at Starfleet Academy on Earth. There he studies as a Science Major, concentrating in microbiology and cell biology in the Department of Xenobiology.
  • 2388 – Suvek begins his cadet cruise at Starbase 118
  • 238811.21 - Successfully graduating Starfleet Academy, Suvek is assigned to the science department of the USS Drake and awarded the rank of Ensign.


A scientist to the end, Suvek is a generally quiet, calculating individual. After study at the Vulcan Science Academy and subsequent service on board a Vulcan science vessel, Suvek returned to Vulcan for his arranged marriage with his spouse, T'Pela. After fathering two children and teaching at the Vulcan Science Academy for six years, Suvek desired a more exploratory approach to xenobiology. He joined Starfleet academy on the accelerated Vulcan training course and graduated with excellent marks.

Though personally deeply emotional, Suvek trained to control his outward emotion for many years in his youth and considers himself a master of his emotions. Suvek meditates daily and plays the Vulcan lute. He enjoys experimenting with the effects of music in meditation.

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