Steadfast-A Main Bridge

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Primary operational control of the Galaxy class starship is provided by the Main Bridge, located at the top of the Saucer Module on Deck 1. The Main Bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations and coordinates all departmental activities. The Steadfast-A has a unique bridge design, combining elements from the upgrades in 2371, and other starship bridges.

The central area of the Main Bridge provides seating and information displays for the commander and two other officers. Directly fore of the command area is the Helm and Operations Officer (HCO), whose single console faces the main viewer.

Directly aft of the command area is an elevated platform on which is located the tactical control station. Also located on the platform are five workstations, nominally configured as Science IV, Mission Ops I and II, and Environment.

Six new stations were added, three on each side of the bridge replacing the equipment lockers. The three port stations are designated Science I, II, and III. The starboard side of the bridge have three Engineering stations designated Engineering I, II, and Communications.

At the very front of the bridge chamber is located a large (4.8 x 2.5 meter) visual display panel. This main viewer is generally used to display the output of one of the forward optical scanners, but can easily be reset for any other visual, informational, or communication use. When in communications mode, the main viewer shares the use of a dedicated subprocessor, which permits near-instantaneous conversion and display of nearly any visual communications format. The main viewer display includes omni-holographic display elements and is thus capable of displaying three-dimensional information.