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Starlight Transport is a passenger transport company that operates a large fleet of starliners.

In 2391, Starlight Transport launched the first quantum slipstream commercial starliner, the SS Atlantic with a highly promoted media campaign. Ultimately, the publicity backfired when the Atlantic ran into trouble on her third voyage, the quantum slipstream collapsing a few hours into the trip. Fortunately, there were no casualties thanks to the quick actions by the Atlantic crew, but the Federation Transportation Bureau grounded the remaining quantum slipstream transports until the cause of the failure could be determined. Starlight Transport’s fortunes were further devastated by the Federation Transport Union strike in 2392 that kept the rest of their fleet docked instead of flying.

The results of the FTB’s investigation found that insufficient training was to blame for the accident. The FTB recommended additional instruction and training hours be invested into all quantum slipstream drive operating crews.

Starlight's competitors include Unity Transport, Red Carrier, ShiKahr Starlines, and Alpha Starlines. In late 2392, Alpha Starlines launched the first QSD transport since the grounding of the Atlantic, the Andorian Rose.