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Alpha Starlines is a passenger transport company that operates a large fleet of starliners. In addition to standard warp-capable transport ships, the company operates a selection of quantum slipstream transports since 2392. Its CEO is Alan Ferres.[1]

Alpha Starlines operates mostly on routes connecting different worlds and other major travel hubs of the Alpha Quadrant.[2] One of the company's marketing slogans is “Traveling faster than faster than the speed of light”, used in reference to its slipstream starliners.[3] Alpha Starlines was one of the first commercial companies to successfully adopt slipstream drive to its starliners, closely followed by its competitors including Unity Transport, Red Carrier, ShiKahr Starlines, and Starlight Transport.[1]


Andorian Rose

The Andorian Rose is a slipstream starliner. It has room for 2000 passangers, and is considered luxurious with comfortable seatings, a dining hall, a lounge with a bar, and sleeping cabins. It operates at least on routes BetazedBolarus IX and Cait Spacedock – Betazed.[1][2][4]

The Andorian Rose was the Alpha Starline's first slipstream starliner. The starliner was launched in the late 2392, after the competing company Starlight Transport's slipstream starliner SS Atlantic was grounded for safety reasons. Following the incident with the Atlantic, the Federation Transportation Bureau introduced more required training to all slipstream crews. The Andorian Rose was the first slipstream starliner operating after the grounding of the Atlantic, and according to the CEO Alan Ferres, the company had followed safety and training standards that were more extensive than those required by the FTB. A company crewmember was required years of training before allowed to serve on the slipstream starliner.[1][5]

Tellarite Lily

The Tellarite Lily is a stripstream starliner. Launched before 2400, it operated at least on route Cait Spacedock – Beta Renner.[2]

Non-slipstream vessels

Most of the company's starliners and vessels are not slipstream capable. The departure board by the Alpha Starlines terminal in the Cait Spacedock Commercial Sector showed several vessels of various sizes and warp capabilites. Some of the destinations from the Cait Spacedock included Cait, the Shoals and Pacifica.[2]


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