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Starbase 118: Ops Mission Archive Database

The following serves as a record of Starbase 118's missions under the command of Captain Andrus Jaxx.

Insurrection Now


"Get anyone you need, work together, in groups, in your sleep...I want this station online in less than six hours! ~ Captain Andrus Jaxx

Mission Began: 238807.10
Mission Complete: 238808.31

Multiple explosions rock the massive Starbase 118. Now, with terrorists on the loose, the crew must figure it all out and act before talks on Bajor are affected negatively. Though the attack was small, nothing is quite as it seems.

And stopping the butterfly effect is no small task...

Insurrection Now Full Report


Between A Rock And A Hard Place


"Put the Victory between them!" ~ Lt Commander Kalianna Nicholotti

Mission Began: 238810.01
Mission Complete: 238812.05

Somewhere between the crumbling Romulan Empire and the ever violent Klingon Empire lies a small planet inhabited by a race yet to discover the joys and trials of warp travel. The inhabitants of the planet have thus far lived in peace, not knowing that just beyond their thin atmosphere, two major powers are vying for the chance to strip their world of a rare and valuable mineral.

Now, more than ever, Starbase 118 is called to do what it was meant to, but keeping the Klingons and the Romulans at the negotiation table at the same time is not an easy task...

Between A Rock And A Hard Place


Murder In Paradise

Murderinparadise copy.jpg


Mission Began: 238901.08
Mission Complete: In Progress

With the promise of every anyone could want on their vacation, the senior staff embarks on a quick trip to a nearby planet marketed as the next best thing to Risa. Everyone wants some time to get away and just enjoy the peace, but the universe seems to have had other plans...

Murder In Paradise Full Report