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SIM:Tiger Promotion Ceremony 238604.27

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'''Streath''': Congratulations.
'''[[Firestarter, Lance|Firestarter]]''': Congratulations as well.
'''Riley''': Lieutenant Firestarter would you please step forward...
'''[[Firestarter, Lance|Firestarter]]''': RESPONSE
'''Riley''': Your performance this mission has been exemplary. Your handling of the crises thrown in our direction has been excellent. Your work with those in your department is stellar as well as the work you put into the group OOC'ly. It is with great honor I promote you to Lieutenant Commander.
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Sidney retrieved the box and handed Firestarter his new pip.::
'''Firestarter''': RESPONSE::Unsure as what to say.:: This is somewhat unexpected.
'''Riley''': Congratulations Commander.
'''Firestarter''': RESPONSE::Maintaining his calm.:: Thank you sir.
'''Streath''': Congratulations.
'''Riley''': Would Ensign Whale, Ensign Eren and Ensign Estrane ((OOC: Ensign Estrane's promotion is in effect a promotion for [[Greekle]]. As a civilian this will be your OOC rank in the group.)) please come forward?
Whale/Eren/Estrane: RESPONSES
'''Riley''': The three of you are invaluable to the crew. Ensign Whale, your devotion to the security department is apparent in your fulfillment of your duties. It is my pleasure to promote you to Lieutenant JG. You have earned this promotion.
'''[[Whale, David|Whale]]''': RESPONSE
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Sidney took the pip and pinned it on the man's collar.::
'''Riley''': Congratulations Lieutenant Whale.
'''[[Whale, David|Whale]]''': RESPONSEThank you, sir.
'''Streath''': Congratulations.
'''[[Sharpe, Paul|Sharpe]]''': Congratulations to you all ::he said as he also clapped his hands::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Sidney smiled at the Tiger crew.::

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