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((Conference Room, USS Tiger))

::Sidney paused at the Conference Room door and straightened her jacket once again. She noted how the fabric seemed too loose a fit for her small frame.::

Riley: oO I can't be losing weight...when was the last time I ate? Oo

Odara: Captain, Sir...

::Sidney turned to see her Gideon Yeoman approaching with several small mahogany wooden boxes.::

Riley: Thank you Odara...

Odara: Of course Sir, they were difficult to get with the computer shut down, but I was able to improvise.

Riley: Improvisation... ::There was a question in the Terran/Deltan Captain's voice, but she thought the better to ask.::

Odara: Each member will receive new pips upon their arrival to Deep Space 17, although these are none to shabby Sir.

Riley: Of course...Carry on Crewman.

::Odara nodded to the Captain after giving her the boxes and headed away from the conference room doors. Sidney entered the room purposefully and set the boxes down near LtCmdr. Thelev.::

Riley: Commander.

Thelev: Captain. I'm pleased to see Lieutenant Sharpe still has all his limbs attatched.

Riley: Anything new with our tow?

Thelev: Yes Sir, it turns out Mr Clack's prediction was wrong. So far it's been a very smooth ride.

::Sidney took her seat and looked out over the crew. She smiled lightly.::

Riley: Lieutenant Streath, how long until we arrive at Deep Space 17?

Streath: Approximately three hours.

Riley: Excellent...:: Pause:: At this time I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the excellent service of some of the crew.

::Sidney stood and took the first mahogany box from LtCmdr. Thelev.::

Riley: Lieutenant Solok would you please step forward. ::Sidney waited for the Vulcan CMO to approach.:: Your service to the Tiger has been unfailing. Your attention to detail and skills have saved many on the ship during this last mission. It is with great honor I restore you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Solok: It is an accurate description of my service to date aboard the Tiger, if a somewhat embellished one.

::Sidney opened the box and handed the Vulcan man his new pip.::

Riley: Congratulations Commander.

Solok: Thank you, Captain.

Streath: Congratulations.

Firestarter: Congratulations as well.


::Sidney waited for the new LtCmdr. to take his seat.::

Riley: Lieutenant Firestarter would you please step forward...

Riley: Your performance this mission has been exemplary. Your handling of the crises thrown in our direction has been excellent. Your work with those in your department is stellar as well as the work you put into the group OOC'ly. It is with great honor I promote you to Lieutenant Commander.

::Sidney retrieved the box and handed Firestarter his new pip.::

Firestarter: ::Unsure as what to say.:: This is somewhat unexpected.

Riley: Congratulations Commander.

Firestarter: ::Maintaining his calm.:: Thank you sir.

Streath: Congratulations.


::Sidney waited for Firestarter to take his seat and then smiled mischievously before calling up the next group of officers.::

Riley: Would Ensign Whale, Ensign Eren and Ensign Estrane ((OOC: Ensign Estrane's promotion is in effect a promotion for Greekle. As a civilian this will be your OOC rank in the group.)) please come forward?

Eren/Estrane: RESPONSES

Riley: The three of you are invaluable to the crew. Ensign Whale, your devotion to the security department is apparent in your fulfillment of your duties. It is my pleasure to promote you to Lieutenant JG. You have earned this promotion.

::Sidney took the pip and pinned it on the man's collar.::

Riley: Congratulations Lieutenant Whale.

Whale: Thank you, sir.

Streath: Congratulations.


::The Terran/Deltan Captain immediately turned to Ensign Eren.::

Riley: Ensign Eren, you joined us with so much enthusiasm this mission. Your expertise in engineering was invaluable in saving the ship from the auto-destruct sequence. It is with great pleasure you are promoted to Lieutenant JG.


::Sidney smiled as she pinned the pip on the woman's collar.::

Riley: Congratulations Lieutenant Eren.


Riley: And last but not least Ensign Estrane. Doctor, your bedside manner is excellent, your devotion to treat anyone regardless of their species is essential to all who work in the medical field. It is with great pleasure I promote you to Lieutenant JG.

Estrane: ::Eyes flashing warmth.:: It is an honor.

::Taking the box, Sidney placed the pip on the woman's collar.::

Riley: Congratulations Lieutenant.

Estrane: Thank you, sir.


Sharpe: Congratulations to you all ::he said as he also clapped his hands::

::Sidney smiled at the Tiger crew.::

Riley: May I present all of our newly promoted crew.

::Sidney clapped enthusiastically and then waited for the applause to die down before continuing.::

Thelev: Congratulations to you all. Well deserved.

Atimen: Agreed, congratulations.