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Amity Outpost/Gallery

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[[File:Amity Outpost.png|500px|thumb|centre|Composed by [[User:Sky Blake]].]]
<gallery widths=300 heights=200>
Amity-Comparison1.png|Amity Outpost, {{USS|Kitty Hawk}} (Galaxy class), {{USS|Independence|B}} (Defiant class)Amity-Comparison2.png|Amity Outpost, Deep Space 9, {{USS|Kitty Hawk}} (Galaxy class), {{USS|Independence|B}} (Defiant class)Amity-Comparison3.png|{{USS|Kitty Hawk}} (Galaxy class), Amity Outpost, {{USS|Independence|B}} (Defiant class), {{USS|Gorkon}} (Sovereign class)Amity-Comparison4.png|[[StarBase 118]], Amity Outpost, Deep Space 9, Starbase 375, {{USS|Kitty Hawk}} (Galaxy class), {{USS|Independence|B}} (Defiant class)

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